I will have the priviledge of working with BONASO http://www.bonaso.org.bw/ the first national network of AIDS Service Organizations in Botswana with a mandate to facilitate “coordination and management of civil society response to HIV and AIDS”. It is a  membership based organization which constitutes 160 members. Its mission is to facilitate a coordinated response to the changing needs of AIDS Service Organizations in the fight against HIV and AIDS through capacity building, information sharing, advocacy and lobbying.  I am particularly excited to assist with BONASO’s leadership in advocacy efforts for appropriate policies, legislation and human rights for peoples living with HIV and AIDS among many other tasks.

My work opportunity came through the funding support of Unittera http://www.uniterra.ca/who-are-we/ which is  a major Canadian program of international volunteer cooperation that helps reduce poverty and inequalities in 12 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Uniterra supports organizations in developing countries that work to improve living conditions in their communities. Its actions involve:

My placement with BONASO is through WUSC http://wusc.ca/en  which a partner in Unittera who provides education and training to improve livelihoods, balance inequities, integrate vulnerable communities, promote health and foster social and economic development.

If you are interested in pursuing a volunteer opportunity similar to mine check out the links to Unittera, Wusc and CEIC http://www.ceci.ca/en/ where there are always volunteer positions posted.

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