Well, I am finally underway! The fun has begun. I just completed the 1st leg of my 48 hour journey. As I sit comfortably here at Toronto Pearson airport, I wonder was I really living in such an insane vortex of activity the past couple of months. Perhaps I am already easing into Africa time.

When I woke up this morning I knew it was going to be a wonderful day. The time of departure had finally come. As I stood at the check-in counter at the Charlottetown Airport earlier this afternoon, my sense of joy and excitment came rushing back. For those who experienced the squeals of joy when I got the infamous phone call of acceptance you know how I feel.  As I looked at my boarding passes for Toronto, Frankfurt, Johannesburg and Gaborone I had black and white proof that my dream really was happening.

I have to admit that for a person who likes to quietly, yes, I said quietly sneak out of town I was somewhat overwhelmed by the farewells, hugs, cards, presents and good wishes that have seen me off on my adventure. To everyone who shared in my joy, moments of misery (you know who you are!) and all of the myriad of details it takes to close your life in one part of the world to open it in another, Thank You!!!!  Your support, friendships, and love certainly gave me the energy and enthusiasm to handle everything on my plate.

Well it is time to head to my boarding gate to be ready for my first night of flying. Can anyone tell me why you land at one end of a huge airport and your connecting flight is at the total opposite end of the building requiring you to walk at least 3 miles in order to transfer from one flight to another? At least it is exercise before I am held captive in a massive airplane with hundreds of other bodies……

Good night and see you tomorrow with greetings from Frankfurt, Germany.

One thought on “1st leg of Travel completed!

  1. Hi Cheryl, so happy to hear that your journey is off to such a great start. I am so pleased for you to have this wonderful opportunity. Don and I look forward to following your adventure. All the best Colleen

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