Well, I made it to Frankfurt, Germanz.  Prior to leaving Toronto i got to enjoy great people watching. It is amazing to note the differences in people and their behaviour as you change from one continent to another. In Toronto, everyone was rushing to and fro in all haste and dressed in their sunday best.

Frankfurt airport is a complete other story. one can only describe the airport as utilitarian. After spending all night upright in a plane seat i was ready to get moving off the plane. well, this girl maybe 47 but she still can find a couple of men who practically fight to help her with her luggage. Both the man next and in front of me were eager to grab my suitcase down from above and help me off the plane with it. A girl loves a gentleman!

but this girl didn’t stop there. After disembarking, grabbing breakfast/lunch depending on which time yone your are feeding your body on i went in search of a quiet corner to rest and nap. Well, i found it and after an hour of rest i was readz to be on the move again. For those of you who know me well, you know how flexible i really am. Well, upon waking and after having been in active since yesterday a really good stretch was in order.  Being so flexible, i can and do stretch out pretty much every part of my body . What i did’t realize was that while i napped my quiet corner filled up with lots of male bodies who than got to watch the cheryl cirque show. Pretty much the only stretch i didnät do were the splits…..Frankfurt airport may never let me back in…

Time to sign off for today. i fly all night again tonight from Germany to Johannesburg, south africa. then on to Gaborone, botswana. So tomorrow I will really be on African time….i can already feel the shift in my body, mind and soul.  Every moment i can feel myself grow happier! talk to you all tomorrow, Cheryl

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