Dumela mma/rra (Hello in Setswana)!

Well, it is Saturday on a long weekend and thankfully a day not jammed packed with bureaucracy, orientation or setswana lessons, which although fun – Friday afternoon after a long busy week is not an ideal time to learn the basics of a totally foreign language.  It was a morning to finally sleep in and then off to the Mall across the street – I won’t tell you how I have to cross a four lane highway to get there. It is a huge mall with pretty much everything I need. After a panicked trip home to call Visa Canada I had to make a second trip back to complete my grocery shopping.

The late afternoon and evening were spent at the Gaborone Game Park. We arrived for late afternoon which other than early morning is the best time to see the animals. For the first twenty minutes or so we only saw a few small animals and then all of a sudden we started to see lots of animals including Zebras, Impalas, warthogs, monkeys, ostriches and many others that I can’t begin to name. I had my first real surreal moment as I stood in the picnic area drinking a glass of red South African wine as we waited for our food to cook on the bbq and the monkeys came venturing forth to see what food could be gained. It finally occurred to me that this would never, ever happen in PEI!

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