Okay, I know that I haven’t posted any pictures yet. It seems that the ones that I have been taking are too large to post…new camera still figuring it out. I promise that I will get my act together for our visit to the larger Game Reserve tomorrow. I know that you are all waiting patiently for them. David and Haley also have been taking pictures where ever we go and they will share theirs with me later on in the week. Once I have them, I promise to share immediately. Thank you for your patience.

I actually took great video today at Bahurutshe¬†Cultural Lodge which featured African song, dance, culture and food. Take my word for it, it was a fantastic experience. I even got my first chance to dance African style. I also took great pride in making this fantastic noise in imitate of the women dancing and singing. This noise is very hard to describe but it is used in celebrating and trust me, you will all hear me make it when I come home to Canada. The drive to and from this Cultural Centre was also amazing. The landscape is so beautiful even though we are at the dry part of the year and there is very little green left. Apparently the rains are coming and soon the land will blossom even more. I can only imagine what it will look like as spring and summer truly set in. What continues to interest me is the fact that their soil and sand are almost as red as PEI’s. The land is fertile and almost anything can be grown but rain is desperately needed before anything can be planted. Animals roam free to eat where ever they can find it and as you drive down the road you literally see donkeys, goats, cattle and sheep everywhere. Driving home as we approached Kgale Hill, I live at the foot of, we saw two baboons running along side of us as we drove by. Welcome to Africa! and to think, those baboons are living not more than 1/2 mile from where I live and as I type my front door is wide open….let’s hope one doesn’t wander in to share my single bed as there really is no space left thanks to the dog and cats.

The post tonight will be brief as I am truly tired from all of the travelling, orientation and sightseeing. I am becoming a true native as I can’t wait to come home and have a nap each day with my incredibly dirty feet. Plus my three room mates woke me up last night sneaking in the tiny crack of the open window. The dog came first and broke a pot with a plant in it and then the cats followed. What a mess which I am sure the housekeeper will blame on me……

Tomorrow will be another full day, although still a holiday here, I have two huge binders of information that I need to read, perhaps by the pool, and then we are off to the larger game reserve located just on the outskirts of Gaborone. In fact it is not far from where I live at all. Just the other side of Kgale Hill. I will happily report back tomorrow night along with pictures, I promise.



One thought on “Sunday in Botswana

  1. Cheryl I am going to forward your blog (nice work BTW) to Charles Mmoloke (cmmoloke@cbcl.ca ) who works for CBCL in Halifax. He would appreciate seeing and hearing about his nattive land from a Canadian’s persepctive!. CHarles is from Botswana (not sure what part) and has lived in Halifax for almost 10years now. He sponsors university students who come to Canada to study at Dalhousie. I have already forwarded your blog to Marie Fernandes who also sponsored Botswana students and who has worked overseas in Africa quite a bit.

    Happy Independence Day!
    Dwayne Doucette (Sandra’s hubby)

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