Kgale Hill

Here is my major landmark!

Can be climbed three different ways – depending
on how fit and agile you are. Rusty’s Route from
the Lobatse Road is fairly demanding and you must
be aware that your car is unprotected. The two
other routes can be reached via the old quarry and
both start from the same place and diverge later.
The route to the left is a climb whereas the path
to the right is a walk. However you get there and
each route takes approximately one hour, once at
the top you have a panoramic view of Gabs and its
surrounds. The hill has a resident troop of
baboons as well as a pair of nesting black eagles,
and there are also rumours of early morning
sightings of leopard.  Well worth a visit.

I am just hoping that the resident baboons don’t decide to come down the hill and enter my apartment as I often leave my door wide open as I sit here and type or cook meals.


3 thoughts on “Kgale Hill

    1. That Sandra is a good question and it means unprotected from thieves which would include my friends the baboons. As I witnessed the other night at our bbq (braai in Setswana) the monkeys even were willing to steal cooking food right off the very hot grill. In fact one burned his hand trying to steal a veggie burger that was being grilled. As I live at the foot of the hill and constantly leave my door open when I am home, I also need to learn to shut it so I don’t have any baboon vistors. Gabs also like Charlottetown has those who maliciously break into vehicles to steal electronics, purses, etc. It is always better to be safe than sorry like anywhere else in the world and not leave valuables in a locked car. Hope that answers your question!

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