Happy Thankgiving or as they say thanks in Setswana – Ke a leboga!

Well, I have just returned from celebrating Thanksgiving with other Canadian and wanna be Canadians at a braai in the Game Preserve. When we arrived for 3 pm this afternoon it appeared that we were not the only ones planning on having a party at one of the Game preserve’s picnic sites. The line up for registration was long and the parking lot was jammed packed. Thankfully, Chillie, WUSC’s Country Coordinator was able to save the day as he was already in the line up and was able to register our vehicles and pay the fee. Thank you Chillie.

Thank you Chillie – he is in the black tshirt with his back to the camera

Meanwhile others were already inside and had staked out a great spot. As we drove by the other picnic sites it was clear that everyone was in the mood for a party. I had been told last week that this was the place to have a great party and we certainly experienced that first hand today. Everyone  brought food and as usual when Canadians get together there is always way too much to eat. Chillie saved the day once again and took over as chief bbq chef and did a fantastic job. The kids ran around playing and we all talked, and talked, and talked. It was a wonderful opportunity to met the other WUSC volunteers including those posted out in the rural areas who came into Gabs specifically to attend our Thanksgiving Braai. Fun was had by all and the kids got a special treat of riding in the back of one of the pick-up trucks through the preserve on the way back to the main gate and parking lot where they transferred into their safe rides home.

We are discussing work – honestly!

One thing that I love about this country is that my feet are constantly filthy! Yes, I said filthy and I love it. Much to my mother’s consternation I have spent my whole entire life trying to run around barefoot, even in the winter when I could get away with it. Here I am constantly in my sandals or barefoot. With the red sand/dust your toes are never the colour that god made them. I even get to go to bed with dirty toes as my housekeeper doesn’t seem to mind in the least that the sheets get dirty. I am truly being spoiled! One more reason to love Botswana.

I hope that you all have a wonderful traditional Thanksgiving tomorrow! Even though I ate beef and chicken not turkey (yes, Noelle, no turkey) our thanksgiving was a wonderful example of how it doesn’t matter what you eat but who you share it with makes it the holiday. Talk to you tomorrow!


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