It is just passed 6:30 am here in Kasane, I am showered and dressed ready to go meet the boss for breakfast at 7:15. Today will be a very busy day with meetings with all the District Coalitions – which are both government and service providers. I would never want you to think that I am just running around having a good time. I am also working very hard. Mary N has asked that I write about me work and I definitely will but it is complicated and today will be a true learning experience for me as I need to listen very careful to what is being said by all the attendees. A huge part of my job is stakeholder relations, advocacy and communication work along with all of the other program management/organizational development work. Today I get to focus on what I love most – building stakeholder relationships and advocacy. It is a thrill to have to learn all new political systems, stakeholder systems and needs and how BONASO needs to evolve to resume its mantle of leadership for all HIV/AIDS service providers. This is no small order and a task that will keep Oscar and I very busy for the next 15 months for sure.