Here is the view out over the Town of Kasane from the steps of a District Council Meeting room – before the Warthogs came to visit.

View of Kasane

later on in the day, we were at a four hour meeting held at the District Police Station and the baboons came to feed and play. It is rather distracting to concentrate when baboons are sliding down poles and hanging off the windows while you are sitting in an unair-conditioned room for four straight hours in 39 degree heat. Even the locals were swooning.  I will write more about our meetings later…

now I also want to tell you that the locals will explain to you that the litter in their yard is because the elephants were in their garbage – that beats the raccoons! Not sure I would want to walk outside my house and find an elephant going through my trash can.

Will post more later, need to go back out now!

2 thoughts on “View of Kasane

    1. Janet, they rip entire trees out of the ground so stomping on a house would not be out of their limits. They are gentle giants unless they feel threatened and than they become very aggressive to protect their young and other members of their family. Thankfully, I am now back in Gabs and only have to worry about baboons coming for tea.

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