First I want to preface what I am about to write with I am working incredibly hard. Although part of the reason that I came Africa was to get away from my bad habits of working too hard and long and simplifying my life, it seems that bad habits are very hard to break. Already I am in the habit when I am actually in my office not running around to meetings of working straight through lunch – sound familiar?

So with that in mind here is today’s post: Not only to I have the most incredibly personal driver, I need to add landlady and landlord to that list as well. Jetske,my landlady is always doing lovely things for me. Whenever I am late coming home, she has come and turned on my outside light for me. She leaves me things that I need like an umbrella, dishes, step stool, and various and sundry other items before I can even ask.

Today she went above and beyond. Every morning on my way out of the compound I always stop and say good morning with Tanyla and Jetske if I have not already seen them. This morning when I was talking to Jetske I mentioned that I might need to start having one or two meals prepared for me during the week. I am finding it a challenge due to my long days to get home in time to 1) make the trip to the grocery store to buy groceries before it becomes dark – it is not safe to be walking home once dusk hits which it does at about 6:15; and 2) I am so tired once I do get home that the thought of preparing a meal every night is daunting. Since there is no fridge at the office yet, I am not able to take any lunch that requires refrigeration so it is a little hard to be eating a healthy and balanced diet. So I figured that if I could get one or two healthy meals that I didn’t have to make during the week it would be great.

So in talking to Jetske, she first offered to pick up fresh veggies, fruits and other grocery items that I might need when she does her grocery shopping on Thursdays. All I need to do is email her my list. How sweet is that! Than when I came home tonight there was  not only food in my fridge but she had even prepared a lovely cold tuna and veggie pasta salad.  But it didn’t end there, she met me at the pool for my ritual after work swim with a glass of wine. So as we did our exercises in the pool we also got to sip a wine cooler and have a great visit. Now you understand why I say that I am spoiled.

Somehow I am truly blessed as every where I go I seem to find the most amazing and giving people. For that I am truly thankful and only hope that someday I can return even a portion of the kindness that others have shown to me.


2 thoughts on “I am truly spoiled!

  1. Is Jetske interested in moving to Canada??? I could use someone like her in my house – she sounds like an absolute treasure!

    1. She has just be appointed the Dutch Counsel in Botswana. She has an amazing diplomatic background and a wonderful woman. In fact, she is having a pool party for a few women tomorrow night. I just came from shopping for it plus I had to buy a brand new swimsuit which is an agony in Canada and no more fun here.

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