All I can say is thank heavens it is Friday! It was a bit of a difficult start to the morning and it seems that somewhere along the way I have lost my cell phone which in one way is no big deal, I hate it and rarely use it. Tabuche is the one who calls it most to lure me out of the office at the end of the day but I also need it because Visa calls me regularly to see if it is really me spending! Ha! They are not use to me whipping out the Visa as it rarely gets used back in Canada. Here it is my life line as withdrawing money from my Canadian bank accounts is a pure pain in the ***.

Speaking of which, I spent the more capaciting Oscar and Lawrence with lovely Canadian phrase that contain my favorite word “arse”. And thanks to my father, I have a whole bevy of phrases to teach them. Thanks Dad! They loved “you wouldn’t know your arse from a hole in the ground”. I think it might become Oscar’s favorite.

Knocked off work at 4 today so I could go get groceries and buy a new swimsuit. Doing the death trip across the four lanes of highway at rush hour was a real rush. One has to constantly remember to look the opposite way that you would in Canada. And for a gimpy person I have to admit that I do okay getting across. The swimsuit shopping was just a whole other ordeal and not one to share here. All I can say is that what is painful in Canada is equally painful here. I have one and let’s just say that I can probably expect really good poolside service at the next hotel I go to.

Well, it is time to pop into my pool and cool off from the day. Happy Friday everyone!

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