Yesterday was quite the day including being my Mom’s birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!

Early in the morning I got up and puttered around and then set off to Cafe Dijo for breakfast before I tackled the errands on my list. Cafe Dijo is a well know place here in Gabs and is only the death walk away from me. It is located within the Game City Mall complex and is one of the best places to sit relax and grab something delicious to eat. All I can say is that I was not disappointed in the breakfast that I had. Following breakfast I set off on my errands because I needed to back at home by 11 am so I could get ready for my afternoon pick up.

I was invited to attend the ordination of a female pastor to an “apostle” which is apparently quite the honour. Religion is very significant here and is very important cultural context to have. So I showered and got dressed in my sunday best- literally! Even Tabuche had to smile when he saw me looking like such a lady in a prim and proper fifties style dress, pearls and ladylike shoes. He completely approved of the look – do I look that bad on a weekday?

The ordination was not entirely what I thought it would be but I am very glad that I attended it. It absolutely helps me to understand the complexity of the culture here and how my work fits into it. I actually had to leave before the entire event was finished. While I had spent three hours at the ordination, it appeared to be going to last for at least another two to three hours. I had asked Tabuche to pick me up in time for me to come home and get to my next social engagement.

Last night was spent poolside with Jetske and the two other female occupants of Peter’s Place, Peter was banned from the event but came into the pool area once to adjust the lights for us. This social time was planned by Jetske to give us women an opportunity to meet and have a drink. Well what can I say, things got a little out of hand and far more alcohol was imbibed than initially intended. Peter informed me this morning that he was going to place a curfew on us girls so we wouldn’t be getting so rowdy on a Saturday night. He is just upset because he is now forced to live in a compound with five females and a not a male in sight. I on the other hand am ecstatic as I need some estrogen around me to balance all of the Oscar/Lawrence testosterone that I experience every day. We have already made a date for drinks by the pool again next Saturday! Peter beware!

4 thoughts on “On a lighter note

  1. Cheryl,

    Sounds like you are in your element!! Although I am surprised that there hasn’t been an international incident as of yet! Glad to “read” you are doing well and settling in! Take care!

    1. Oh, but there has been. One in particular in front of the South Africa High Commission along with other minor ones that I haven’t written about. Let’s just say that I leave my mark where ever I go! And luckily, having a personal driver helps to keep me out of a lot of trouble. Perhaps I should consider having one when I return to Canada…..

      1. I would be greatly disappointed if you didn’t cause at least ONE incident during your time there! LOL Miss you lots! Keep writing….that way we know the lions haven’t got you! 🙂

    2. You rock, Cheryl! I love hearing about your adventures 🙂 Keep writing…. I feel like I am there with you.

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