Yesterday afternoon it poured rain, and I can officially say that because Tabuche agreed this morning. Apparently what I would determine to be pouring rain is more often than not described by locals as a shower. Yesterday afternoon it “poured” several times. Sorry Dad, you weren’t predicting rain until mid-week. In fact the thunder showers kept me from lounging by the pool with the pile of work I had taken home with me this weekend.

As we were driving to work this morning you could actually see the difference in the trees and the landscape. The trees are starting to fill up with leaves and things are definitely looking greener. Even the livestock that wanders the neighbourhoods are actually not so visible as they don’t have to search so far for something to eat, they are getting fatter and are actually lying down in open spaces as their bellies are full. So I am getting to experience a whole different Gaborone now that the rainy season has come.

I guess it will also bring more power outages. We experienced one last week here at Peter’s Place. It lasted for about 2 1/2 hours and each apartment is stocked with a kerosene lamp, battery light and other implements to help you cope. In fact as a Maritimer I am so used to power outages that this one did not faze me in the least. It was lovely to just curl up on my bed and read quietly for two hours with just my iPod for company. Actually, I had the best night’s sleep that night because I was so thoroughly relaxed….perhaps there is a lesson to be learned from that.

Oh, and the other thing that I wanted to mention is that even though I am hearing from all kinds of people how much that they are enjoying the blog, you guys are not keeping up your end of the bargain. I am posting religiously but I also really want to hear from people, what is happening in their lives, what the weather is like, Mike Wedge sent me a great cruise ship at dusk photo & Barb Lacey sent me a phenomenal Halloween photo – others could do the same since it is my only favourite holiday of the year! While I might be having the time of my life, I still need/want to feel connected to people back home. So please email me or comment on the blog telling me stories, or send pictures or even just let me know that you are sending me a hug because there are certainly days that I could use one!

3 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes

  1. Sending a hug from Stratford,PEI. I am reading and do enjoy your posts. I will likely need to figure out how you attach a photo as this blog stuff is very new tgirl willing to learn!o me. An old

  2. hey, want to come to our Halloween party again this year? You are still invited. We have the kids party on Friday night and the adult party on Saturday. Eric and Jeremie planned our haunted garage tonight. Jérémie wants his friends to come in from the side door of the garage to get spooked on the way in. There is already a few flying gost, witch with smoky cauldron, flashy lights with spooky music, fake body bag and a few other creepy things. If you look at my stairs, it looks like I have a rat infestation in my house. Eric really does go all out this time of year. I will have to figure out a way to send you some pictures after the parties.
    I do not get to read your blog everyday but love when I do. I can almost hear you tell your story or visualize you in action (like talking to strangers in the airport).
    By the way, my half marathon went a lot better then expected. It was cold but with a lot less wind then previous year. I got to beat my best time for the 21 km. I felt pretty good about it.
    got to go. Talk to you later. Keep the blog coming.

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