Okay, if I was close enough to anyone of you, I would beat you! If I hear one more time that your excuse is that you think your life is too boring to share, I will scream so loud you will hear it in Canada. Ask my old work crew who can vouch for how loud I can squeal as they all heard it when I was officially accepted for this position.

Yes, I know it is a little hard to compete with baboons playing outside of your meeting room windows and elephants in your yard. But guess what? I am doing some pretty boring things myself yet you fools are all reading it šŸ˜‰ I want to hear about the wheel falling off of your lawn mower; or the mundane daily stuff you do because it is YOU doing it! Can I be any clearer? So never ever use the “boring” excuse again and talk to/email me, PLEASE!!!!

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