After the thunder storms

I wasn’t going to post tonight – it has been a really long day but I just took this picture from my terrace and had to share it. The rainy season has truly started now and this afternoon the thunder storms raged. It was actually very fitting for the mood that I am in today. I feel a bit like a thunder cloud.

I am now convinced that my new office space needs an exorcism. When I moved last Friday little things started to go wrong. I misplaced my cell phone which was returned to me this morning. Yesterday I dumped an entire mug of boiling hot tea in my lap at my desk. Luckily I had a navy blue linen dress on so I could just rinse out the tea and stand outside for 15 minutes to let the hot sun and wind dry me a little. Yesterday we were also without internet access all day at work and today, my laptop would function along with a multitude of other things.

But I have a plan for the morning, thanks to Tabuche – not sure what I would do without him! I am starting to think that he is the most consistent man in my life 🙂 I can always count on him, even though he owns his company and is incredibly busy he still personally does my pick up and drop off every day instead of having one of his other drivers do it. Tonight because of the rain he was late picking me up and of course he called to tell me he was stuck in traffic. When he arrived he had his previous pick up still in the car but he was so determined to pick me up as quickly as he could, the gentleman had to make the trip to get me before we dropped him. Any ways, Tabuche’s plan for exercising my office demons are for me to practice a little African religion to cleanse the space. I will let you know that it worked.

So tomorrow will be a better day, I can feel it because I have complete faith in Tabuche, he has never failed me yet. And this morning he also told me when he found out that I have a meeting with the Minister of Health – HIV and AIDS Prevention on Friday that I must be doing really important work and that Botswana will be glad that I came. So I will remember this as I and the whole BONASO team are feeling totally overwhelmed with the monumental task ahead of us including organising a board retreat and AGM for early November. But as Oscar says many times a day, we will win! So if he believes and Tabuche does as well, than I must believe too.

Good night!

2 thoughts on “View from my Terrace

  1. The light is beautiful! I believe in you, Cheryl. You’ve been called to Africa by fate and destiny. But PEI will always declare that you are ours. Love reading your thoughts 🙂

    1. Thank you! Sometimes it is just difficult to see the forest for the trees but I will conquer because I am part of an incredible team so we will do it together.

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