Jack O’Lanterns

It is now time for my favourite holiday of the year! Happy Halloween everyone!

Thanks to Barb Lacey, I have had this wonderful picture on my home and work laptops for a couple of weeks. She knows how much I love this holiday. She even decorated at the office in my honour but I don’t think that was as elaborate as I am use to doing. But knowing the policy crew there are likely lots of treats around. By the way Andrew, I exhausted my survival kit, thanks!

But the one thing that I am missing most this year is not the dressing up or the treats but I am sadly missing Herman (my blow-up skeleton) who I decided needed to stay in Canada. After all he is an aging male and is now prone to slow leaks so I thought it best to leave him in comfort in PEI. This is the first Halloween in almost twenty years that he has not been with me. In fact he is my longest relationship ever! He has lived in almost as many cities as I have. But he is now too old to be a World traveller.

The poor man has ridden the buses, subways and cars with me for almost twenty years and I do miss him by my side this year. I am sure that Tabuche would have made room for him in our car for a couple of days and besides maybe a blow up skeleton would seem normal compared to some of the other behaviour I display while in his front seat…..

This year the only Halloween decorations that I have are the pictures that people send me…hint,hint….keep them coming.

Kathy’s contribution to the Halloween photo gallery

I was at the WUSC office today and received a Halloween treat bag from Melissa, YIPPEE!! It at least makes me feel like I am celebrating it. It won’t be the same as being at home (either PEI or Toronto) and dressing up. I was going to get Noelle to forward on a Miss Piggy wig for me this year but with the really slow mail system I chose not to frustrate myself unnecessarily.  Maybe I should order one now so it will be here for next year…and if anyone can find a new Herman and send him, I might love you forever! Not that the old one could ever be replaced, but perhaps it is time for a new man in my life that doesn’t leak 😉

So what I want as a Halloween treat is this request : Please celebrate Halloween for me, dress up, laugh, scare people and carve a pumpkin and think of me and then send me the pictures.


3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. With Halloween approaching, of course thoughts turned to you… go figure ! Little would I have thought, however, that you would use your most favorite of all holidays to take a poke at aging men !! This is the point where you would normally just bite your tongue and suppress that urge to reply… that’s still a good plan !! Great to see your blog enteries Cheryl… hoping that the adventure is turning out to be all that you had hoped, and then some. Take care, and I will continue to check in on you from time to time (hard to break old habits !). K

    1. Ken,
      did you really think that I would refrain from replying??? I can happily tell you that I have found a new boss who likes to wind me up and try to get me to behave inappropriately in meetings. Sound familiar? He is almost as smart as you, but definitely has way more testosterone. No offence but you couldn’t compete with an African man. You are far too debonair. Oops, did I just publicly compliment you?

      As for ageing men, if you have a slow leak, I am very sorry about that. My advice is for Debbie to put you in a bathtub full of water so she can definitely identify where you are leaking and apply adhesive tape. It works for Herman 😉 and I am sure that you can be fixed too!
      So happy to hear from you!

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