View of Kasane

Here is the view out over the Town of Kasane from the steps of a District Council Meeting room – before the Warthogs came to visit.

View of Kasane

later on in the day, we were at a four hour meeting held at the District Police Station and the baboons came to feed and play. It is rather distracting to concentrate when baboons are sliding down poles and hanging off the windows while you are sitting in an unair-conditioned room for four straight hours in 39 degree heat. Even the locals were swooning.  I will write more about our meetings later…

now I also want to tell you that the locals will explain to you that the litter in their yard is because the elephants were in their garbage – that beats the raccoons! Not sure I would want to walk outside my house and find an elephant going through my trash can.

Will post more later, need to go back out now!

The end of the day!



This is the way we ended our busy but successful day today. This picture was taken from the balcony of the Hotel Mowanda where we are staying. After concluding our busy day, Oscar, Toutie and I adjourned to the deck to watch the sunset. It was worth the climb for me up the staircase but don’t tell the men I said that. Oscar is trying to reform my independent ways and get me to allow gentlemen to help me. Toutie is trying to instill even a smidgen of romance into my soul. .although I think that either one is bound to fail,It was Toutie’s idea to watch the sunset over the Chobe. I would give Oscar better odds on instilling any kind of change. Already since arriving in Botswana I have actually allowed men to lift my suitcases for me. I know for a fact that I will never turn into a romantic.

It will be a short post tonight as I am truly exhausted. It is time to crawl into my four poster African bed and sleep for tomorrow will be another busy day of making site visits to BONASO members. I seemed to have passed any number of tests today at our District Coalition meeting. Although English is the main language spoken, about 2/3 of the meeting today was a mixture of English and Setswana. Surprisingly enough I was able to continue to follow the general intent of the discussions which seemed to impress some of the participants. I also have to thank my Father as I proved my worth by being the only one in the room who was able to actually get the air conditioning going. Now that really earned me brownie points. Thanks Dad!

So good night for now and I will leave you with some pictures!






Out of Africa









It is just passed 6:30 am here in Kasane, I am showered and dressed ready to go meet the boss for breakfast at 7:15. Today will be a very busy day with meetings with all the District Coalitions – which are both government and service providers. I would never want you to think that I am just running around having a good time. I am also working very hard. Mary N has asked that I write about me work and I definitely will but it is complicated and today will be a true learning experience for me as I need to listen very careful to what is being said by all the attendees. A huge part of my job is stakeholder relations, advocacy and communication work along with all of the other program management/organizational development work. Today I get to focus on what I love most – building stakeholder relationships and advocacy. It is a thrill to have to learn all new political systems, stakeholder systems and needs and how BONASO needs to evolve to resume its mantle of leadership for all HIV/AIDS service providers. This is no small order and a task that will keep Oscar and I very busy for the next 15 months for sure.