I just came from another important meeting and can report that although I was attempting to be a lady today, it didn’t work.

The meeting was located at the NACA (National Aids Coordinating Agency) building and this morning I dressed like a real lady in a just below the knee-length proper dress and high platform shoes ( I have truly become a local – I now wear dressy platform wedge shoes to meetings and wear flats around the office as do all of the women here in Gabs).

When I dressed this morning I hadn’t been outside and did not realize how windy it was out or I never would have put on a knee-length dress!!!!!!  Lets just say that when I was entering the NACA main entrance and standing at the reception desk while Oscar signed us in, I had a Marilyn Monroe moment! How fun to flash everyone, except it was sort of okay because the dress is lined and only the skirt part billowed up, the slip stayed put….thank heavens. And that is what I get for attempting to be something I am not. Oh, yes, I will keep wearing the dress but Oscar just needs to realize that he will never turn me into a real lady, ever, not possible!

Oh, by the way, right after the embarrassing incident before we left the lobby I noticed a condom machine on the wall that had ‘MR WILLY” written on it!  Welcome to life in Botswana.

3 thoughts on “It is tough being a lady

    1. Thank you but I would never put myself in the same category as Kate Middleton! She is far prettier, thinner and actually a real lady but thank you for being my friend!

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