Today has had a good start except for a six inch long bug dropping on to my arm in the car – nothing like a good scare and laugh to start the day. After a very long, incredibly busy and stressful days, I am having an easier start to my day. I am sitting here typing as I wait for my flight to Kasane to board. The every faithful and patience Tabuche not only delivered me to the airport on time. He also brought my luggage in and kept me company as I waited for check in. The only rebuke he gave me was that I walk to fast for a Batswana. Now I think that I have actually slowed down the pace that I move at but both Lawrence and Tabuche have pointed out that I am still walking way too fast. Not sure if I can slow down anymore than I have…even though 41 degree heat does make you want to constantly nap.

Given Oscar’s and my performance last time at check in and security,  I figured that it would be better for everyone if I proceeded through before he arrived. I had a non-eventful check in this time. The first question that I asked the check in attendant was how big was the plane? She reassured me that it was not going to be a repeat of our last flight. Yippee!! She even gave me a front row seat with lots of leg room to make up for the last flight to Kasane on the tiny plane.

Oscar has just called me and he is about to go through security. He made a trip to the office this morning to print his presentation. I on the other hand refused to leave the office last night until I had completed everything that I needed for facilitating the Board Retreat, printed the materials and made the Board Members packages.  By the time I got home last night all I had the energy for was to send a couple more work emails, pack my suitcase and scramble an egg to eat before I fell into bed. In fact, I was so exhausted that I even forgot to lock my door. Luckily I remembered about an hour after I got into bed and got up to lock it.

It is almost time to board so I will complete this post. I am not sure if I will have any opportunities to sit and write another post this weekend. When I am not facilitating the retreat, I will be in my room writing the Executive Reports to be printed and delivered at the AGM. Absolutely no rest for the wicked I say. Although I will get to relax some tomorrow evening as we are taking the board members for a cruise on the Chobe River so I will post photos if I get any good ones.

Have a great day everyone! While you are experience frost and cooler temperatures, I had  to remembered to pack only dresses and skirts for my return trip to Kasane where the forecast is sunny and 42 degrees.   Perhaps I can bottle some heat and send home to Canada!

Post Script:  Now I am sitting poolside at the Mowana while our rooms are being ready. We had a good flight on a non-tiny plane and I was dressed in a long sun dress so I was ready for the wave of heat that would hit me when I disembarked from the plane. The long sun dress and pata patas (slip on sandals) on my feet made it a little difficult getting into and out of the Safari vehicle that transported us from the airport to the Mowana Resort. We did have our choice of van or safari vehicle and it was lovely to be sitting out in the open with the wind in my hair. Okay, now I have to get back to work. I have press releases to review and lots of other work to do.


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