I am so happy to be back at the Mowana Resort in Kasane. To be greeted by familiar faces and this time, I have the luxury of a king size bed with mosquito  netting all around it. However, as become our mantra around the office, you have to choose air conditioning or internet because you can’t have both unless you are lucky Lawrence. Neither Oscar nor I can access internet from our rooms. My room is located at the very end of the resort complex (it takes me about 6 minutes to walk from the centre complex to it). The view is even more spectacular then from my room during my previous stay. Because I am at the far end, I am almost on the Chobe river and surrounded by trees. Last night I slept so soundly it was great! So peaceful and quiet as there is no people or car traffic anywhere near my room. So for that I will give up access to the internet.

So as I am having difficulty connecting for email and posting I want to use this time to say a very Happy Birthday to my best friend Noelle. Her birthday is tomorrow, Nov 10. I wish everyone could know her and how wonderful she is. We have been friends for more than 30 years. How we have done it I will never know. She is incredibly beautiful, intelligent, athletic, strong, loyal, reserved and even a little anal (even more obsessive compulsive then me). Whereas I am the quintessential free-spirit. Yet somehow our friendship has  thrived and grown stronger through the years. She fostered my shopping addiction for Shoppers Drug Mart (it is so much more than a drug store) during the time she was in final year of law school at York and let me sleep on her residence floor (I had an air mattress) while I sought work at Queens Park Legislature and then saved to afford my own apartment. She worked at Shoppers to help pay her way through law school and let me come shopping there to buy what ever I needed on her discount. To this day, when ever we shop together I love it even though I am not a shopper by nature. There is so much more that I could say about her but I simply want to say Happy Birthday! And I am sorry that I am not in Toronto so I can bake you a homemade carrot cake for your birthday cake!

One thought on “All work, no play!

  1. Hi Cheryl. Sorry I haven’t written in awhile. Well, it is Veterans’ Week here in Canada and the Canada Remembers Chorus is busy sharing war time music to Island school children and participating in their Remembrance Day assemblies. You will be interested to know that we went to Gulf Shore Elementary; first trip for us to that school. You would be very proud of the work they did. They had a slide show with deceased Veterans and how they were related to children in the school. We were very impressed.

    A nasty cold is spreading through the chorus like you wouldn’t believe. We are down in numbers and I am a little worried about Remembrance Day. I won’t be able to sing with them as I am piping. Going to be a balmy +4, yup, you read that right. So, please enjoy those temperatures and think of us in Canada tomorrow, and all of those lovely Veterans standing at the Cenotaph.

    I had all of 3 kids at my house on Halloween, everyone goes to North of course and I am stuck eating the yummy treats. Sure, I bought my favourites, can’t get stuck eating yukky stuff now, can I?

    I so enjoy reading your posts and the pictures that you share with us, sometimes it is like we are on your adventure. Well, you can have the work part, but the floating in a pool, and enjoying heat makes me a little envious. I am not however envious of the bugs, yuk. I would have put my car off the road if something floated down onto my arm.

    Well must run, gotta get ready to go to Morell and pick up some of the lovely pies that Nancy Anderson and her church group prepare each year as a fundraiser. Will be eating warm apple pie this evening.

    Oh ya – bought a new car – RAV-4. Love it.

    Will write again Cheryl. Take care and keep those posts coming.

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