Well, it is Sunday morning and the board retreat has finished and I am sitting in the lobby waiting for my shuttle to the airport. We had a successful retreat. It is long and exhausting but everything was achieved that was necessary. The retreat got off to an interesting start when I was doing introductory remarks while we were sitting outside. As I introduced myself I actually had to stop mid-sentence. Yes, I was speechless! The reason was a rather large warthog had decided to run right up beside our table. It took me about a minute to regain my composure and than all  was well. Now perhaps I will take the sign that was posted in my room seriously….see photo below:

Warning in my room at Mowana


Chobe Sunset
Mowana Tree



This is a Mowana tree, for which the resort is named, growing in the middle of the resort complex. It is a spectacular sight and the residence of many exotic looking birds.

The sunset photograph was taking while we were on the river cruise and we stopped at an island to view an immense herd of water buffalo. Lucky for you that you could not experience the other sensory sensations that went with this setting. Let’s just say that such a huge herd of large animals on a tiny island can create a rather strong odour.

Swimming Hippos

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