It is now almost 5:00 pm Gaborone time on Tuesday. I have been working for nine days straight now and we have exactly 36 hours to work through before the AGM is finally underway. I am now so tired that my brain is really starting to just refuse to work but Lawrence and I still have the final Financial reports to write before we can even contemplate leaving tonight. We are motivated to be finished by 8:30 as I have now gotten him hooked on my favorite tv show “Scandal”.

In spite of all of that, I am still able to laugh at myself because when I left the position of Executive Director of a Boys and Girls Club twelve years ago, I swore that I would never work for a non-profit organization ever again. Yet, here I sit working diligently away in order to resurrect a non-profit organization from the dead.  And the hilarious part is that I am not even getting paid.  But given my experiences working for non-profits in the past, I wasn’t always paid then either even though I was at least officially a paid employee.

Don’t get me wrong. I love what I am doing and would not trade any of this experience. I am simply learning the lesson “Never say Never” because it will always come back and bite you.

One thought on “Never say Never

  1. When I was twelve, mini skirts were all the rage. My mom wanted to purchase one for me and I said… “Mom, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a mini skirt”.

    Mid-summer my grandmother took me “outfit” shopping and one of the purchases she made was a mini skirt. It was a very warm night and I couldn’t resist the call of the mini any longer. I just threw it on and made my way quickly to the dinner table hoping that no one would notice that I had changed from shorts into a skirt.

    My mom noticed as soon as I took my seat at the dinner table. She couldn’t resist teasing me. “I thought you would be caught dead in a mini skirt”…she goated.

    “Well… I am not dead now am I”, I said. We all laugh so hard we cried.

    From that point on, I never day never… especially when it comes to fashion.

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