I have just come down off of my pedestal, literally! I was on it cooking my supper of brown rice, lentils and shredded chicken along with fresh corn on the cobb.  It is so easy to cook now thanks to Peter. And Jetske has just sent me a lovely picture of her and Peter so now you all can see them too:

Jetske & Peter

Because Jetske and Peter are trying to ensure that #1 (Miss Barbados aka Natasha, who is also Peter’s favorite), #2 (Miss Canada, me) and #3 (Miss America, aka Adrienne) feel completely at home, we are celebrating Thankgiving on Friday. #3 has been seriously homesick and very sad to be missing her family’s gathering. So last night in pool (of course!) while teaching #1 how to float and swim, we decided to throw a thanksgiving dinner for Adrienne.

#1 and I went to the grocery store tonight after work to gather our supplies and I was able to take these great photos of christmas decorations African style – yes, Mom. I know you will be trying to duplicate this somehow but I don’t think that these kinds of tropical trees are available in PEI.

Tropical Christmas tree


Merry Christmas!









Only in Africa my friends!

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