Okay, I now fully understand why Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Africa. I am cooking in a tiny kitchen in 35 + degree weather with thunderstorms outside – with the oven and two burners going! The sweat is literally running down my face and chest. Natasha was here with me earlier so she could learn how to make the apple crumble and I think she vacated because the kitchen got way too hot for her.

No, Noelle, we are not having Turkey!!!! Yes, I know you wanted me to bring seasonings so I could make dressing. We are doing a non-traditional dinner. #1 (Natasha, Miss Barbados) is roasting pork Barbados style. Jetske is doing roasted potatoes,  a salad and pecan pie. I have an apple crumble in the oven, a sweet potato casserole is ready to be heated shortly which Natasha dropped off at the big house for me so it could go in their oven and I am making apple sauce as I type.

Thanks to my mother, we have a pumpkin decoration as our table centre piece. So here I am in Africa celebrating American Thanksgiving a day late……how is that for non-conformity!  I think I need to shower again before I change for dinner..bye!

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