okay, yes – I love living in Africa. I have even enjoyed the cool wet weekend but I simply can’t tolerant with good grace the bugs any longer. As I type I am surrounded by buzzing flies. I will take the blame for them as I sit with my windows and door open, of course the flies will come in as they please.

While I love just about any and all animals, bugs are not and never will be one of my favourites, except for ladybugs and butterflies.

A couple of weeks ago when I was constantly working late, one night I came home and was ready to just simply fall into bed. As I went to pull back my sheets I encountered at least four different species of bugs – none of which I could identify. A first for me, I simply swept them aside and crawled into bed. I was simply too tired to even care who I was sharing a bed with.

This weekend because of the cool weather and rain it seemed like every bug was eager to find a dry, cosy home. Yesterday I chased a spider the size of my hand around my room attempting to kill it. Alas, it went out under the crack between my front door and step. Bye spider.

I commonly find this guy hanging out in my rooms

my new room mate
my new room mate

Lovely, is he? Apparently he is a house gecko. He is transparent because he never sees the sun cause he is hanging out at Cheryl’s place, huh! I have been told he is good to have in the house because he will eat lots of the bugs including mosquitoes.

Wish I had known that sooner as I am constantly putting him outside.

This morning I woke up with some kind of bug bite on my little finger that is now so red, swollen and itchy that I have completely covered it in band aids to keep from scratching at it. Before I head off for my week full of meetings (no office time this week!) I am going hunting for my transparent friend to bring him back inside.

Oh, how times and attitudes change…..

One thought on “Bugs, bugs and more bugs

  1. Hi Cheryl, love your new friend. Thought I would drop a line to say hi.You are a much braver lady than I.

    Hope things are going well for you.

    Happy Holidays


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