Okay, I have pictures of Princess but none yet of Tabuche. He took my camera home and captured these pictures but none of him! As you can see from the pictures she is a going concern…perhaps she does take after me. Except she sleeps all day (I can’t nap even if I try) and then wants to go out and play all evening…yes, that does sound like me.


Wait until I get a mouse!
Wait until I get a mouse!


lying wait
lying in wait
I can fly!
I got it!



Don't I look innocent?
Don’t I look innocent?


I never stop
I never stop


ready for another nap
ready for another nap


So now you can see one spoiled little kitty, who got a special present from her Auntie Cheryl today. Tabuche and his wife might not sleep tonight because it is a ball with a bell in it….hopefully, he will still be driving me tomorrow morning.

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