Well today I have to depart from Zanzibar on the ferry back to Dar es Salaam. I check out of the Maru Maru Hotel in one hour. I had a hard time packing up my suitcase let me tell you! I have bought too many presents and things for myself to fit everything in, oh well!

My ferry doesn’t leave until 3:30 pm but you need to be there at least one hour prior to check in so you can go through security just like the airport and board the ferry. The ferry terminal is only a short distance away from my hotel on the waterfront. Although I was met at the terminal and driven to the hotel when I arrived, I had planned on simply walking there myself. Check out at the hotel is 11 pm and I figured that I would check out and wander down to the waterfront heading for a lovely restaurant only a short distance away from the ferry terminal where I would have lunch then board the ferry.

Last night when I was spending time with three of my new friends they asked me when I was leaving so I told them. Well course, they would hear nothing of me actually taking my own suitcase and backpack and walking on my own. So you guessed it, I will be escorted by three wonderful gentlemen and I will have not a care in the world. Thankfully Tabuche and Lawrence have been training me well, I have learned to “mostly” graciously accept assistance when offered. I truly am a changed person!

I will arrive in Dar about 6 pm and head straight to my hotel for the night. I will need to be up and on the way to airport so I am there for 5 am. I will not arrive in Gabs until about 4 pm tomorrow afternoon. Then hopefully I can hit the pool for a cooling dip.

When I am back in Gabs, I promise that I will have the time and access to internet that I need to post all kinds of stories and pictures about my travels. I just ask your patience. I have enough stories to tell to fill an entire book!!! Luckily, I still have a couple of days before I am back to work so I can take the time to sit and write.

Okay, I need to go now. It will be very hard to leave the Maru Maru Hotel whose staff have treated me so incredibly well!!!! If or when I return to Zanzibar, I can not imagine staying any where else. The hotel provides the complete package. My room was beautiful, the decor is amazing, delicious food and the staff are the best that I think I have ever encountered in a Hotel. Yes, it even beats my love for the Mowana Resort as here, all of the staff are friendly and treat you like royalty. It was truly a dream vacation and if anyone is interested in coming I can absolutely help you sort out the details as I have lots of friends eager to assist!

There was no escaping Father Christmas! Even at the Maru Maru
There was no escaping Father Christmas! Even at the Maru Maru
Lobby of Maru Maru
Lobby of Maru Maru



































My hotel was a visual treat!
My hotel was a visual treat!


















The street view from Maru Maru Hotel
The street view from Maru Maru Hotel


2 thoughts on “Leaving Paradise

  1. Well, your travel notes really do remind me of those great old movies when the Brits travelled and colonized the world. Amazing how news moves so quickly in places like Zanzibar. Must have felt great to be a celebrity! Glad you had a break from your development work. But, how does one ever return to boring old Canada after such an adventure! Our excitement is talking about the weather!

    1. Okay Curmudgeon, you should know better than starting off a comment with a statement like Brits colonizing the world. I can happily tell you that colonization was not a good thing and not something that I am striving for!!!! Africa is doing just fine. In fact we Canadians can learn a lot from them.

      As for returning to Canada, I will really have no choice as I could never afford the plane ticket home unless WUSC pays for it! So I hate to disappoint you but I will be returning at some point. The more valid question might be “how long will I stay put once I get there”? And wait until you see what a better person I am.

      Miss you! Cheryl

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