I am safely back at Peter’s Place after my travels and I have to say that my family here has grown exponentially. #1 (aka Miss Barbados – Natasha) is now gone. In her place is a heap of food and spices that she bequeathed me. I am still trying to find spots to put everything as my kitchen is so tiny and limited in storage space.

However, filling up every nook and cranny of Peter’s Place is Peter’s and Jetske’s family, who are visiting from South Africa and one grandson, who has come all the way from Australia. It is a full house (a tent also adorns the parking area so luckily my bed is still vacant for me) and an even fuller pool. Earlier today, Peter remarked that the pool contained a record number of people at one time. Thankfully there was only one rather noisy fart (noise) to disturb the waters! Since they are not really relatives of mine I chose to depart the water shortly after:) Sometimes sharing can only happen among family members!

I am joining the family for dinner tonight – they are making South Africa Springbok and I am going to make a tomato salad that I learned how to do in Zanzibar. It seems that I acquire family where ever I go…it sure is a nice feeling 😉


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