Well, I had the best intentions to actually sit and catch up on my blog writing by posting some more about my incredible trip to Tanzania. However, I spent the whole entire day in my bathing suit and pretty much the entire day in the actual swimming pool.

I have had a couple of visitors, one right after the other. A social butterfly never truly rests. Plus, the pool is still containing a record number of occupants who all took the opportunity to make brutal fun of me when I attempted a headstand in the deep area of the pool with no success. It sucks to have such a floaty bum, although it is a good thing in Africa to have a booty. So my whole entire day has passed without me writing a single word. Out of guilt this is all you are getting out of me for today as I have a long evening ahead of me which will include getting used to being out of my swimsuit ūüėČ

I am heading into this New Years Eve the most relaxed and happiest that I have been in as long as I can remember. Looking back on what the last year has brought me, I can only imagine what wonders, new adventures and friends the new year will bring for me! It is a wonderful feeling.

Last year, I celebrated with a house party at my place with some of my wonderful friends! I am so glad that I did that. I miss each and everyone of you.

This year, I am celebrating with all new friends. Peter has been bbqing a turkey for most of the day and we are sitting down to a feast tonight. I think that there will be about 12 of us in total. Dinner will be eaten on the ‘stoop’ which is the African¬†verandah. I am wearing a sun dress, not my swimsuit, although I would likely be welcome in that as well.

If you had asked me a year ago if I would be ringing in 2013 in Africa, I might have wanted to say yes, but would not have thought it possible. So my message to you as you ring in the New Year is to know that no matter what your dreams are it is absolutely possible to make them come true! If you truly make up your mind that you want to do something the only thing stopping you is yourself. Believe in yourself, believe that you always have choices and options and know that anything is possible if you decide you want it enough.

My wish for each and everyone of you is that the New Year bring you the peace, joy, happiness (and adventure if you want it ) that 2012 brought me. Yes, there were stressful times and many ¬†obligations but at midnight tonight I am living my dream and couldn’t be happier. Living your dreams is what I wish for each and everyone of you.

Happy New Year!!!!

Oh, I hear splashing and playing in the pool — I think that I may have to put my bathing suit back on and join the fun!

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