Last night the stubborn genes that I inherited from both sides of my family trees kicked in. I was determined that I would not be sharing my bed with a reptile so Mr. Gecko had to go, one way or another.

He spent the evening scurrying around in my rafters and upper walls of my bedroom/living area. I opened the front door and gave him plenty of opportunities to depart in a dignified manner. I then attempted to influence his going out but I was way too short and the ceiling way over my head. So a trip to the main house was undertaken to secure a long handled broom or mop to use it as incentive for Mr. Gecko to leave.

Jetske, after informing me that they have never had a gecko in their bed (what can I say, I have a magnetic personality), suggested that I simply spray him to death with a can of “Doom” insect spray. Typically I am not a cold blooded killer but I take sleeping alone very seriously. Armed with a brand new lemon scented can of Doom, Mr Gecko and I faced off. Let’s just say that my bedroom/living space was sprayed very liberally with me following Mr. Gecko where ever he navigated to.

After killing many other insects and waiting an hour or so with all of the lights on so I could track movements, I went to bed fairly secure in the knowledge that I would be sleeping alone.

This morning Tanyala and I did an exhaustive search for the body….it was not found. So either Mr. Gecko found his way outside through an open window in the kitchen or has simply found somewhere else to hide I am not certain. What I am certain of is that he knows that I mean business and he is not welcome in my bed!

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