After my earlier rant, I was able to head off to Game City mall to do errands and grab groceries between the down pours of rain.

One of the things that I love about Africa is that your feet can get really dirty!!! I know, I have talked about this before but I just want to reiterate. With the heavy downpours that have been happening for the last couple of days, I fully expected when I  walked through the ally ways to the death highway that the sand/soil would be replaced by huge puddles and mud.  So as I got ready to leave, I rolled up my pant legs and wore my crocs so if I had to wade through puddles at least I wasn’t ruining shoes or clothing.

Sadly, there weren’t any huge puddles to wade through. It has been so dry here in Gaborone the rain is almost immediately sinking in to the ground. Other than a couple of soft slightly muddy spots, Cheryl didn’t get to play in the puddles. But my toes were slightly dirty when I came home. My return home was obviously good timing as within 5 minutes of being home, the downpours recommenced.



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