I am back! When they said we were going to the Bush, they certainly weren’t lying. The Oasis Lodge sat right on the border of South Africa ( I could see the border post from my room) and the closest town was more than 100 kms away. It was an ideal spot to tackle the work that was on our plate for the week. Cell phones and email did not work unless you were in the main reception area which closed at about 7:00 pm every evening.

Oasis Lodge
Oasis Lodge

There were no wild animals roaming where the majority of our rooms were. My closest encounters were a snake at my front step just as I was arriving and random encounters with cheeky monkeys and the occasional crocodile sighting during the remainder of the week.

So my teasing of Tabuche was for not. Sadly there were no lions to hug and snuggle. Perhaps another time. When I texted Tabuche yesterday morning to see if he would be available to meet me on my arrival at Tirelo House his instant reply was “Yes, I am happy you are alive”.  The thoughtful man even had an ice cold bottle of water waiting from me when I climbed out of the mini bus after seven hours of driving. It is certainly nice to be home!

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