Well, I may have been in the middle of the bush but I proved yet again that I can’t stop myself from dancing. The Oasis Lodge is a lovely spot smack dab in the middle of bush and nothing else! No doubt you noticed my lack of posting due to incredibly limited access to an internet connections. The closest town is a 100 kms away. The closest village is 100 kms away. In fact, the only thing located close to the lodge is the infamous “Zanzibar” border post. Yes, indeed I am in the bush where not even people’s cell phones work. It gives the term isolated a whole new meaning.

The main section of the lodge that I was staying in was not on the river front (that is where the chalets are located about 2kms away) but on a small lake/dam which is exactly next to the border post. The conference centre is also located within this complex and all of our meals were served buffet style outdoors under thatched roofs. By day 2 of our 7 days on site I had developed a pattern which others noted.

Oasis Chalet on the river bank
Oasis Chalet on the river bank


View from the chalet
View from the chalet


After sitting all morning in the conference room reading, reviewing and amending District Health plans, by lunch time (1:00 pm Africa time) I was eager to be active. What I didn’t realize, until everyone started commenting on it, was happening every time that I got into the buffet line…..I started to dance! Surprise! Surprise! Actually Tabuche won’t be the least bit surprised by this piece of information.

You see, they had speakers set up on one of the serving tables and out it was coming some great African music. What can I say, give me a good beat and I simply can’t stand or sit still.

It appears that I am fitting in far more than I thought that I would as my penchant to moving to the rhythms that I hear is making me an honorary African. When I asked some of the ladies that I am in meetings with to teach me traditional movements they claim that I already have them down. I don’t believe them but it is flattering. And tonight, I caught two of the servers dancing along to the music too! Proving that being happy is contagious and much better than catching malaria (if you keep moving the mosquitoes have a harder time to bite you)!

So let the beat on go because I have proven that I really can dance anywhere! Too bad that I couldn’t get the coordination thing down…but really who cares….I know that I don’t, it is just fun to dance and enjoy the music no matter where I am.


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