Mine and Tabuche’s honeymoon has come to a crashing halt! Oh, don’t worry I am still his favourite passenger so he tells me! But like any relationship he has finally seen the real me.

You see, yesterday I found myself in the grip of a cold….Yes, a cold! It amazing me that in 40 degree weather I could have a cold. However, it was a gift from the gathering in Zanzibar last week. Two of the guys, one of whom was sitting next to me all day every day for five days had colds. So now Cheryl has a cold!

Fortunately I don’t get colds very often at all…. but unfortunately, when I do get one, particularly the first 24 hours I am truly a miserable human being. For someone who could walk on a broken leg, TWICE, for at least 24 hours before going to a hospital or doctor you would think that a cold would be a piece of cake. No, in fact it turns me into a miserable whining horrible person!  Just ask my mother. When I can’t breath through my nose you don’t even want to talk to me let alone be stuck in a car in traffic with me.

Poor, poor Tabuche! He had the misfortune of having to take me home yesterday afternoon when I was at my absolute worse. I whined, I moaned, I tried to breath and then I repeated it all over again. He was appropriately sympathetic. He offered me all kinds of home remedies. In fact he was his perfect saintly self. And you could absolutely tell that he was counting every second until he could get me out of his car. I don’t think that the poor man has ever wanted to be rid of me so quickly. Upon leaving his car I graciously assured him that I would be a much nicer person in the morning when he picked me up. That the whining would have ceased and that I would be feeling at least some what better.

This morning he cautiously greeted me and was truly ecstatic when he could sense that the whining monster of the afternoon before wasn’t making a reappearance. In fact, he couldn’t believe that I actually was much more like myself even though he had a very hard time to understand me with my nasally accent.

When he picked me up tonight he proudly noted that I had actually improved during the day and that I sounded so much more like myself. Which was a good thing as we were stuck in traffic for a long time. The relief that I wasn’t going to whine and moan was visibly apparent. So, yes the honeymoon is over. But we have survived our first rough patch and he proudly calls me one tough lady….I will explain that one in another blog posting. So now I need to go to bed early again tonight and get over this miserable cold. Tabuche has literally seen the worse of me, cold sore and all. I need to become a lady again so my halo is permanently tarnished 🙂



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