The poor man, I noticed this morning that he sounded a little stuffy and he was coughing a little. Tabuche is one of the healthiest men I know so I suspected that he caught the virus that is running rampant across Gaborone. Yes, I am not the only one made miserable with it. Mr. Peter has been home for the last two days with it.

By the time Tabuche picked me up this afternoon he was very stuffed up and coughing. Of course, I feel guilty for having infected the poor man whether it was actually really me who did. On our drive home I strongly encouraged him to whine and moan just as I had done but of course, he wouldn’t. Saints don’t whine obviously! So of course, I feel guilty about that too!

Like me, he planned to just rest tonight so he can get right back to work in the morning. Tomorrow is a big day for him and I. We are dropping Princess (see blog posts and off at the Vets in the morning so she can have her procedure.

My concern about teenage pregnancy also extends to Princess, as she has a habit of sneaking out of the yard at night. Unlike me, I don’t think she is out dancing so it is definitely time to have her spayed. The vets here are very efficient. She gets dropped off first thing in the morning and he will pick her up to go home around 6:30.

I will attempt to take another picture of her as she has grown so much but a cat in a carrier is usually not very amenable to having their picture taken. We will see…luckily Tabuche gets the fun of getting her into the carrier without me.

Aren’t I evil????? I give the man my cold and then leave him to fend for himself to get a very independent kitty into a carrier for the first time ever. That is why he is the Saint and I am not!

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