My friend and colleague Lawrence is really in hot water this time!

This morning while discussing my trip home with him to Zimbabwe for Easter, he was telling me how he would even take me to meet his grannies in their rural village. Of course they do not speak English and I have no ability to converse with them other than through Lawrence or a translator.

Which according to Lawrence is a good thing! Otherwise he wants to get one of those electrical shock devices to attach to me so that when I say something that I shouldn’t, he can shock me and I will shut up!

Now to be fair, he has a point. None of you heard what I did on our road trip. Let’s just say that we picked up a passenger which I totally forgot was in the back seat of the truck and I made reference to part of my anatomy that polite Motswana girls wouldn’t. Oblivious to the passenger in the back seat I also could not see her reaction. Lawrence could! and still didn’t shut me up!

So this time around he is planning for all contingencies. At least he is still not only happy to travel with me but also introduce me to all of his family and his wonderful country, Zimbabwe. Guess I can’t be too mad at him!

And maybe he will even leave me in the bush in Zimbabwe! That would be something to look forward to….


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