As the North American Continent moves towards Spring, those of us on the other side of world are heading into Autumn. The days are definitely getting shorter and the nights cooler.

Jetske has been tormenting me for two weeks that she will be closing up the pool very soon. Yesterday for the first time I actually got chilly by staying in the pool too long and the sun was disappearing so I can now see her point. However, I don’t know what I will do with my calming dips in the pool.

The rainy season is almost over….I haven’t even had the time to do another rain dance although Tabuche instructed me that I needed to do one every day! With the end of rainy season, comes the end of the possibility of the end to the drought we are currently experiencing.

Yesterday the Water Utilities Corporation delivered the following notice to residents:

The Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) would like to inform residents of Gaborone City, and surrounding areas (Mochudi, Gabane, Kumakwane, Mogoditshane, Tlokweng, Lobatse) and their surrounding areas that it is currently experiencing water supply challenges. Due to this, they will experience low pressure to no water at all indefinitely. 

Residents are advised to wisely use the little available water. 

So there you have it – on going power issues, no internet connection at my office for the past 7 days, and now limited or no water. Would I change coming here, definitely not! But the bush is looking more and more appealing every day!



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