This morning a friend gave me the most unique compliment that I think that I have ever had! She told me that I was just like a chocolate bar, both good and bad! Pretty much sums me up I think.

The second ‘First’ of the day came when Lawrence took me to a completely new area of Gaborone that I had not been too. Although it is not that far away, I just have never gone…it was the BBS mall.

And of course, I left my very visible mark on the place within a span of less than 20 minutes including have a fight with Lawrence in the middle of a grocery store. See I was getting a few groceries while he was ordering and waiting for his lunch. Typical of me, I was carrying a basket on one arm that was full of heavy items while carrying a large jug of water in the other (made necessary by our nightly water cuts). Well Mr. Zimbabwe was attempting to be a gentleman and wanted to carry my basket for me. I literally fought him off! By-standers couldn’t understand what was going on.

Oh, by the way, he eventually won the battle and carried the damn basket. He claims that it was his best win over me! Score one for Lawrence!

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