Buche and I have a new toy! and while it is lots of fun to play with I think I could really end up in trouble….

In an effort to improve his taxi business and coordinate the now 8 cars operating in the company, Buche has installed two way radios in all of the cars. For the first part of week the radios were in place but not operational. Just sitting there it was so tempting every time I got in to the front seat…just calling out to me. And never the shy one, I simply informed Buche that once it was operational I was going to take a turn operating it.

By Thursday the antennas were in place and testing was under way. Well guess who couldn’t wait to get her paws on the radio? And guess who had a partner in crime with a wicked sense of humour? Perhaps it time someone separated Buche and I as we are having way too much fun…just like Lawrence and I.

As we were driving along Buche was determined to find out what the range of the radio was between his car and Janni’s. He had just picked me up in Phase 4 which is the south of the city. Janni was in the northern section of the city just heading to the airport. So Buche decided he would get on the radio to make contact. So with a couple of Alpha Bravas and no response we figured that the new antennas were not up to the job as yet. Buche sent a text message to Janni to let him know that he had been trying to make radio contact to no avail.

Well it turns out that Janni had simply not been in the car at the time as he had gone into the airport for his pick up. Returning to his car he turned on the radio and initiated contact with Buche. And that is when the fun started. With a wicked glint in his eye and grin when Buche heard Janni he quickly picked up the receiver and passed it over to me to answer.

Poor Janni!!!! It took him about five minutes to figure out that first, he hadn’t made radio contact with the wrong person, that I wasn’t speaking a weird language (my Canadian accent obviously is  distinctive) and Buche hadn’t been kidnapped! I am not sure who was laughing harder, Buche or me and eventually Janni. The evil but Saint like Buche eventually got into the communications to explain to Janni just who he was talking to. Now even though that conversation took place in Kalanga, which is a language that I am learning to understand much better than Setswana, I could understand enough to know that Janni could not believe that Buche actually was letting me on their radio. I also understand that some payback was being threatened for the torment that I/we caused poor Janni, who also had a passenger in his vehicle.

I do know that I will be left out of the payback as these Kalanga men are gentlemen when a certain one isn’t goading me into evil behaviour. And I passed my test as the Tabuche Cabs dispatcher. Buche is in agreement that if I am performing taxi dispatching duties that everyone will be clearly told where to go! 🙂 Never a dull a moment!


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