Diplomatic Success

Well, the big event has now come and gone – and was a total success!

Honorary Consul Jetske certainly knows how to throw an excellent party! It was her first as Consul and a very important event. There are changes happening in the Dutch Royal Family as Queen Beatrix has resigned in order to allow her son, Prince Willem-Alexander to become King.

April 27 is Prince Willem-Alexander’s birthday and will be known as King’s Day during his reign. He will be the first male monarch of the Netherlands since 1890. His succession to the throne on April 30 is highly anticipated and will be a huge celebration in the Netherlands.

The regal Consul Jetske provided a perfect reception honouring Queen Beatrix, Prince Willem-Alexander and his wife, Maxima. As has been noted in early postings preparations for this reception have been taking place for a while. All of this preparation certainly paid off as the event could not have been any better.

The advance crew formed of Jetske, Louis (resident of #3) and myself arrived at Botswanacraft, the venue for the reception two hours in advance to set up. We joined there by Jetske’s best friend, Daphne who assisted me with decorating and preparing the cheese trays. Transforming the venue in which I am use to dancing up a storm late at night happened surprisingly quickly but with not a lot of time to spare.

As Louis, the bartender for the evening focused on setting of the bar, we set to work moving tables, decorating and ensuring all was ready by the time the invited guests would begin to arrive. I wish that I had of thought to take before pictures but as a goal orientated person as soon as my feet climbed out of the vehicle I was in full accomplishment mode and forgot to stop to take pictures.

However this what the venue looked like after we had worked our decorating magic:




#3 aka Louis and bartender for the evening
#3 aka Louis and bartender for the evening



The Royal Couple
The Royal Couple


Dutch Flag
Dutch Flag


Our decorating handy work
Our decorating handy work



Cheese anyone?
Cheese anyone?


Hope I have made you hungry!
Hope I have made you hungry!

So you can see, the venue looked wonderful and ready for the arrival of guests. I have no more pictures on my camera as I switched to the Consul’s camera to be official event photographer, logistics coordinator and everything else that needed to be done. I did capture a great picture of Peter taking a picture of me taking a picture of him 🙂

Oh, by the way the Advocaat that Jetkse and I made last Saturday was a huge hit and apparently extremely potent! Jetske and I are looking for to drinking our reserved bottle some quiet evening. I will let you know how it goes…….

Dancing Queen

So I think that I have finally figured out one of the main reasons I love living in Africa so much!

Besides truly enjoying the weather, hands down it is the cultural love of dancing that makes me so happy. Here music and dancing are such a joyful part of life. I have simply not been able to dance this much since I was in under-grad university a long, long time ago.

Africans embrace dance in a way that I have not experienced any where else in the World that I have been lucky enough to travel to.  For me it is a match made in heaven.

Last night we headed out to a Dance Battle held at Alliance Francaise were we got to enjoy as spectators incredible dancers of all ages take on each other in various styles of dance to a wide variety of music. The contestants ranged from 9 or 10 years old to 40’s.  No one was considered too young or old to compete – you gotta love that attitude and spirit!

Sheila (heavy purse & all) and I arrived early enough to score excellent stage front seats which just happened to be behind the judges table. Of course before the event even started there was great music being played and we simply could not sit still. With the arrival of Erin, lets just say our urge to dance and maybe misbehave a little grew. So as we sat in our seats, singing alone, chair dancing and generally just laughing like crazy fools we no doubt drew a little attention.

In fact several times one of the judges turned around and told me that I should go enter my name as a dance battle contestant. Yay, that would have been something to watch! Me humiliating myself in front of a hundred people. I can see it now. Politely declining each time she mentioned it, I tried to sit still to no avail. And let me clarify here, I was not the only one of the trio who was acting like a silly fool. Spirits were definitely high among our trio.

More than couple times during the battle rounds we were in fits of laughter so hard our cheeks and bellies hurt! One particular episode was the results of two male dancers who faced off against each other both wearing bright red shoes. One was the guy in his 40’s, the other a young guy in his early 20’s. It was definitely one of the rounds that will be stuck in all of our memories for a while to come and I will not disclose the reasons for our mirth in order to protect the pride of those involved. Let’s just say that the red shoes were definitely compensation for lacking in other areas….;)

The other most memorable dancer was a 10 year boy from France who definitely had his own unique style. Who says that “White Boys can’t dance”? He actually made it to the semi-final round after having a nap stretched out in his mother’s lap. And just like any typical man who is sound asleep and hears his name, he immediately sprang into action. Causing our trio who was sitting next to him and his parents to explode with laughter.

Following the conclusion of the dance battle the dance floor was opened up for all to enjoy. I don’t think that I need to mention that our trio couldn’t wait to hit the dance floor. My first dance partner was the professional dancer and judge who had been encouraging me to join the competition. Let’s just say that once the shoes came off there was more than a little bit of bootie shaking as I am trying to perfect my African dancing style. Following an hour and half of solid dancing I was desperately thirsty and that was the one thing that was not contained in Sheila’s meal time purse.

So as I was heading inside of the Alliance Francaise building (the dance floor was outside in the courtyard) I was stopped on the step several times by individuals that I didn’t even know. Their comments were all similar: ” you are really enjoying yourself aren’t you?” or ” I have been watching you all evening having a great time”.

As my friends put it, I am leaving a legacy here in Africa and it has nothing to do with my volunteer work. I am leaving a wake of mayhem, smiles, laughter and my own individual style of dance that seems to make everyone smile. So maybe I will never win a Noble Peace Prize but maybe next time I will enter the dance competition and come out as the Dancing Queen.


What is in your purse?

Okay, I am outing a friend but she has been duly warned before hand!

I truly love my friend Sheila who is originally from Kenya. She is incredibly brilliant, funny, caring and as addicted to dancing as I am. And that is where this story begins.

You see, she and I find a way to dance almost every weekend. The last couple we haven’t for one reason or another. So it was a given that we just needed to dance this weekend. Thanks to our other dance co-conspirator, Erin we found out about a Dance Battle taking place at Alliance Francaise. After what had been an incredibly busy and stressful week for all of us we were eagerly looking forward to it.

Sheila and I had planned to meet for dinner before hand so we could have some time chatting and destressing before heading to Alliance Francaise for the main event.  After what was an enjoyable visit we decided to walk to the event from the News Cafe where we had eaten.  As it is not that far we decided to walk it instead.

Less than two minutes into the walk, Sheila fessed up. Like me, she is tends to carry a very large purse with a multitude of items within. So I really can’t be judgmental but in this case I definitely am, or at least highly amused.

As I mentioned before Sheila is from Kenya which is an African country like many others that has gone through tough economic times. In fact, Sheila through her employment is able to send significant sums of money home to assist her family. She is highly budget conscious and a genuinely caring person. Oh, can I also add as a tiny woman, she loves to eat. In fact, when she comes for lunch or dinner at my  place she almost always leaves with leftover for her to enjoy at a later time.

So as we were walking she started to complain about how heavy her purse was. Knowing that she had not gone home after work I suspected that her purse was full of work items. Oh, so not true!

Here is  a sample of what she was carrying in her purse:

  • a couple cobbs of cooked sweet corn
  • diphaphatha (flat cakes) 
  • chocolate cookies which I had baked for her early in the week
  • shower soap
  • lotion

No wonder it was heavy! Needless to say that I abused her all evening by telling her that we need not have paid for supper we could have just eaten it from her purse 🙂 And if we got hungry during the dance battle and dancing afterward, no problem.  We had ready access to food.

So women, what do you carry in purse? I know that we all are guilty of carrying bizarre items in there at some time or other. But I am still giggling because I discovered my friend Sheila is always prepared with a meal in her’s!

Hello PEI!

Thanks to my evil friend, Gillian King, I just finished an interview with CBC Mainstreet’s Host Karen Mair.

This is for the Mainstreet on the Map feature which connects with Islanders living elsewhere around the world. I guess that I sort of qualify, don’t I? There is a huge difference between Botswana and Rustico, Prince Edward Island seeing as how it took me 48 hours of travelling to make the trip last September.

So for those of you on PEI who miss my grating voice, you will be able to listen to it this afternoon at 5:20 or so. Karen is also graciously linking my blog to the Mainstreet website. I am only sorry that I could not entice either Lawrence or Buche to join me on the call! Now that would have been fun!

As for Gillian, when I return to PEI she will get her payback I assure you.

Seriously, it always amazes me when I hear that people are enjoying my blog so much. It really was just a means to keep family and friends up to date on my adventures without having to email details multiple times. Yet, I now have this amazing following from around the World. Thank you to everyone for reading and occasionally making comments…or even passing it on to radio hosts!

I promise to keep the posts coming with more regularity in the coming days as there are always lots of adventures to share!

What a morning!

After a very stormy, windy and cold night this morning has been action packed!

Suffering a little due to lack of sleep – no, I wasn’t out dancing last night! My lack of sleep is a result of the storm which lasted all night long. Here when it rains, it really pours at times. Combine that with the tin and tile rooftops it makes for quite a noise. Add in thunder and lightning and strong wind it is very difficult to sleep through. Last night the storm lasted most of the night off and on with about 40 minutes or so sometimes between the thunder & lightning and downpours. At one point there was even hail.

There are many pluses to this weather though. Rain is desperately needed so any downpours are celebrated. And the chilly rainy weather last night was a perfect reason to curl up in my Goldilocks bed and read. No laptop allowed when there is lightening! Thankfully, we did not suffer our fourth power outage of the week as the power stayed on against the odds. See lots to be happy about!

So the morning dawned cold, rainy and grey! Today is Jetske’s birthday and also preparation day! Not for her birthday – we are having a family dinner tomorrow night to celebrate it if the power stays on.

The preparation is for Jetske’s first official reception as the Honorary Consul of the Netherlands. You can view the official invite by clicking on this link:


The event is next Saturday and I am happily assisting Jetske prepare traditional food and drink for the event. So this morning started with me delivering Jetske’s birthday present and getting straight into rolling cookie dough into little balls. Following the first batch of cookies, we immediately went into preparing advocaat, a traditional dutch drink that is very similar to eggnog as it is made with eggs, sugar and brandy.

All I can say is that by 8:30 am this morning I was drunk from the fumes of the potent brew that we were making. After making 3 batches it is truly a wonder that I could still stand, let alone continue to function as a cook! Let’s just say that not only were there lots of fumes to inhale but there was a little batch testing to ensure that it was adequate for consumption at the reception next week. We determined that our first batch was not up to the standard of the next two so that simply means that Jetske & I must force ourselves to consume that bottle on our own 🙂

So, as you can see it has been a busy morning including a trip to Game City grocery shopping for the items that I needed to work my birthday dessert magic for tomorrow night. And now, I have to go as there is another double batch of cookie dough chilled ready to rolled into balls. Just pray that we aren’t making any more advocaat…..I will need to sober so that I can go out tonight!


The Most Perfect Bed (Goldilocks Eat Your Heart Out)

I know that I wax on poetically about living in Botswana, most specifically at Peter’s Place. It is truly home to me and more than a little bit like heaven.

One of the things that I love most about living here, besides the pool and built in parade of animals through my apartment, is how my bed is made every week day. Now let me be crystal clear, it is not the fact that my bed is made for me, although that is very nice. It is how it is made!

I am a firm believer that everyone in the World has special talents and gifts. To date, I still haven’t figured out what mine are but that is the topic of a whole other blog. We all go through life doing things that we have to. Sometimes well. Other times not so well. For me, the happy gypsy, it might surprise you to know that I have just a little bit of anal obsessive compulsiveness in me. Shocking I know! But those who have worked with me will happily attest.

All of my life, Mom please do not dispute this!

Okay, since I was a teenager, I have always made my bed every day. You see, my bed has always been a sanctuary or haven for me. I may not be a great sleeper but I excel at curling up in bed to read, think, listen to music, or simply just be. I love mounds of pillows, super soft blankets and lots of room to wiggle around in.

While my bed here in Bird Cottage at Peter’s Place is only a three quarter size bed it is still my haven (along with Gabby and occasionally Cleo, the cats). I love my Sunday mornings when I get to lounge around in bed, wide awake but lazy, often with a book in hand. My laptop is never that far from hand either if for no other reason than to be playing music on iTunes. I have also composed a number of my blog posting while snugly nestled in this bed.

My Goldilock Bed
My Goldilocks Bed

What makes my bed  here so special is simple. It is the amazing, brilliant talent of Tanyala. The beautiful wonderful housekeeper here at Peter’s Place. She happily posed for me and I promised to take another picture of her when she is dressed for something other than work. Although I think she has the most stylish of uniforms. I am even a little envious of it.

The beautiful Tanyala
The beautiful Tanyala


While this woman has many talents that far surpass mine, she deserves international awards for making the absolute most perfect bed that I have ever had the pleasure or privilege to sleep in. As you can see from the picture above there is nary a wrinkle or crease in it until Gabby or I sit on it. The pillows are fluffed and just waiting to be sunk into. It is truly a welcoming haven.

There is nothing better at the end of a long stressful day then pulling back the blankets and crawling inside of the most perfectly made bed ever. A testament to this is that as someone, who until I moved here could not even contemplate sleeping if there was any kind of bug in the room, can now happily throw back the covers after spying at least six unidentifiable bugs present and accounted for and still crawl in and sleep! That is magic!

I can not even comprehend how she achieves the magic that she does. I have watched her make my bed so that I too can re-create the magic to no avail. She truly has a touch that is not achievable by a mere mortal like me. While my bed is made just fine by me on Saturdays and Sunday, I look forward to Monday nights because that is the day when I get both clean sheets and  Tanyala back working her magic on my bed. I could always tell those Mondays when our laundress made the bed up instead of Tanyala. While it was perfectly acceptable, it was not magical. It did not have the power to make everything feel better. It was simply a bed well made. Not the magical bed capable of transporting you to happier better place. I now know exactly how Goldilocks felt.

I may become a permanent resident at Peter’s Place simply because I can’t imagine not sleeping in my Goldilocks bed – it is just so perfectly made for me by Tanyala.

An Evening with Princess

Last night I had a lovely evening with the Buche family and Princess. As I had noted early in the week, Buche needed to re-establish his supremacy over Lawrence given the fantastic time that I had in Mochudi last weekend. So Monday brought the invitation to spend Saturday evening with the Buches’.

The Saint Buche is rather comical and a very typical man! Not only does he take his competition with Lawrence seriously, he is such a man!

Thursday he was battling a cold and sounding miserable. I felt very sorry for him  but was secretly happy that at least this cold could not be blamed on me. Friday he wasn’t feeling any better but by the time he picked me up last night there was a marked improvement in both how he looked and sounded.

What was seriously hilarious last night was when I got into the car I noted that he looked and sounded so much better. Unlike most men who when they get a cold (man cold as we women refer to it 😉 they feel sorry for themselves and seek lots of sympathy – he is stubbornly adhering to the belief that he wasn’t sick!

Wow, some people think that I am just about the most stubborn person that they have ever met, World meet Buche! I think that I have finally found someone who is equally stubborn to me who is not a member of my family. And even though I promised my mother weeks ago that I would stop tormenting the poor man, I can happily declare that last night I was able to not only resume the torment but was joined in the fun by his wife and daughter 🙂 We all teased him about his refusal to admit that he truly was sick along with a few other topics that I won’t publicize.

Upon my arrival in at the Buche home I was eagerly greeted by the family including the two dogs, Plumpy and Mickey who now love seeing me because I pay lots of attention to them. Absent was Miss Princess, who made her surprise entrance just as I was getting ready to enter the house.

Do I really want to come home now?
Do I really want to come home now?


Grand Entrance!
Grand Entrance!


Since the Princess decided to come home and hang out with us mere humans for at least part of the evening we considered ourselves privileged. I was also thankful that she hadn’t brought her own supper home to eat as apparently she is hauling birds home to crunch on in record numbers and no, Plumpy the dog is not getting a chance to steal and eat them anymore.

Once our incredibly delicious supper was finished and we women were settling in to tease the head of the household and the only male present, Miss Princess decided it was nap time and settled in to her spot for a leisurely nap.

Nap time
Nap time


Quiet please! Princess needs her sleep
Quiet please! Princess needs her sleep

So while this Saturday was much calmer and quieter than last Saturday night it was equally enjoyable! I am truly blessed to have made such wonderful friends here in Gaborone. And it feels wonderful to be welcomed into a friend’s home and feel just like one of the family! That is one of the greatest gifts that I will have gotten here in Africa.

My Saturday in Mochudi

Saturday was a fantastic and memorable day for me for several reasons. The first is that I got to spend the entire day and evening simply hanging out and having fun with my best buddy Lawrence.

Lawrence is now renting a house for him and his little brother in Mochudi which is about 35 kms from Gaborone. He has wanted to move out of Gaborone for a while now and this house was perfect for him. He just moved into it last weekend (Easter weekend) and has already become well established in the community…there will be more about that in a minute.

Normally you need to take a combi to travel back and forth between Gaborone and Mochudi, however, Lawrence always thinks of everything when it comes to me. He arranged for me to get a drive to Mochudi with his friend Richard, also from Zimbabwe. So after a very pleasant drive to Mochudi with Richard we pulled up to Lawrence’s gate which needed to be opened for us to drive through. Of course I was fully prepared to jump out and open the gate while Richard drove through….these Zimbabwe men are such pains as they are “mostly” gentlemen.

Richard was both shocked and appalled that I would even consider getting out to open the gate for him. So like a good girl I quietly (yes, I said quietly) sat there and didn’t protest. By this time Lawrence had heard our approach and came out on to his front porch. He had noted that it was Richard, not me, who had opened and closed the gate. That made him smile! But don’t worry, when we left the yard later on, he let me open and close the gate…small accomplishments for equality!

What can I say about Lawrence’s new home, other than it is perfect right down to the chickens running around in the yard. There are four houses located in the same yard. The view is fantastic and the house is truly a home. For someone who just moved in a week before it appeared like they had been living there for some time. He even has it beautifully decorated….I think that there is some metro-sexual in that boy! But that is to be expected of someone who can strut and preen with the best of them 😉

The Dingwa Home
The Dingwa Home

There was a full slate of activities for the day, but none of which could come before feeding me. Lawrence had his little brother slaving over a hot stove in the morning preparing lunch for Richard and I. It was tasty and delicious. Following lunch we all piled into Lawrence’s car. Picture one white chick and three Zimbabwe men cruising through the town of Mochudi sight seeing with the music turned up loud. From my vantage point in the back seat I began to feel a bit like the Queen waving at people as we passed. I am sure that the residents of Mochudi had never experienced such a sight. But I am happy to say that we left a trail of smiles and laughter every where we went.

After some sight seeing and exploration of Mochudi we were then off to attend the wedding of Mmoniemang  & Keneilwe .  Here in Botswana there is no such thing as one simple wedding ceremony. In fact, there can be up to four different ceremonies for a couple! The first is civil ceremony held at the District Commissioner’s office which is the legal ceremony. The next is the church ceremony followed by celebrations a week or so apart with first the Groom’s family and neighbors and then with the Bride’s. The celebration we attended was the final one held at the Bride’s home.

Welcome to the Wedding
Welcome to the Wedding

Our invitation to attend came curtsy of  one of the bridesmaids who in just a week had become completely smitten with Lawrence, and really, how couldn’t she? As for me, never a real fan of weddings I was eager to participate in one here in Botswana as I was told it is truly special. I have also never attended a wedding with three handsome dates before either – just another first for me 🙂

The beautiful Lorraine
The Bridal Party
The Bride & Groom
The Bride & Groom

We arrived just as the wedding party was kicking of their heels in a dance down the red carpet runner laid out in front of the banqueting tents. The joy, laughter and sense of celebration was immediately evident! While we congregated under a large tree for shade to watch the festivities, a woman came and lead us to seats under the canopy with a great view of the celebration. Every special event here has specific colours associated with it, such as black & gold, blue and white, or yellow and green. The colours for Saturday were yellow & green. The bridesmaids were in yellow and green, the tents were festooned with yellow & green draping, etc.

The beautiful Lorraine
The beautiful Lorraine

Once seated with my three handsome escorts, I unrolled the yellow programme tied up with a yellow & green ribbon so that I could have an idea of what to expect. Here is the programme content:


Master of Cermonies

Welcoming Speech – MC

Opening Prayer – Bishop

Introduction of Families by Uncles

Uncle Daniel

Uncle Dintwe

Photo shooting

Music item x 2


Music item x 2


Groom and Bride Speeches

Music item x 2

Counselling of the Bride


I got slightly panicky when I saw that lunch was being served as I had just eaten not that long ago at Lawrence’s and knew that there was no way I could work my way through a big plate of traditional food. However, I was reassured that it would take hours before we actually got to the food. Assured, I sat back in my chair to enjoy the celebration. And by the way, the ribbons that my programme was tied in got braided into a bracelet for me to wear because I had noted to my companions that I wasn’t wearing either yellow or green! Problem solved thanks to quick thinking by Lawrence.

My goofy escorts
My goofy escorts – Lawrence & Richard

Unfortunately almost of the speeches and prayers were in Setswana so I could not understand everything but between my companions and seat mate quick translations were done to keep me up to speed. The introduction of the families was a spirited interlude where all family present was recognized and introduced to the crowd. All too quickly plates were being gathered up and heaped with food. Once again panic set in as I am truly not a big eater and I didn’t want to offend anyone. However, I had nothing to worry about.

Introducing the family
Introducing the family

The food was delicious! In fact, the best traditional food that I have had so far. Even though my plate was heaped high with food that I couldn’t possible eat, the culture here is to share with others so what I couldn’t consume got quickly passed around the table and did not go to waste. Following the food were very romantic and poignant speeches by the Groom and Bride.

The Romantic Speeches
The Romantic Speeches

I, of course was holding out for the Counselling of the Bride listed on the programme. However a very smart and efficient Lawrence saw fit to remove me from the proceedings so that I would not be tempted to provide counselling of my own to the blushing bride 😉 Truthfully, he knows that I can only behave myself for so long and we had been there a couple of hours. So I was swept away for more sight seeing and meeting more handsome Zimbabwe gentlemen.  A woman can never be surrounded by too many handsome men!

Silly boys!
Silly boys!

The rendezvous site was a local bar.  Once again, I was the only light skinned person who was now accompanied by five men! To say that we attracted a little attention would be putting it mildly but as Lawrence has learned, accompanying me makes him far more appealing to women so my companions didn’t suffer. My only challenge came when I made a trip to the ladies room. Having left my purse in the trunk of the car I was ill prepared.

The much better behaved side of the table
The much better behaved side of the table

First of all as I learned during my first trip to Africa twenty five years ago it is always best to carry your own toilet paper just in case. With no purse, I had no tissues, oops!! Hoping for the best I entered the toilets. The other factor about women’s toilets in this part of Africa,  users commonly do not close the door. I have not yet perfected the true nonchalance required to  stand outside of the wide open cubicles will the users calmly go about their business. There really is nothing else that you can do but graze adoringly at the floor hoping it will open up and swallow you. However, all was not so bad as the first lady to exit graciously shared her wad of toilet paper with me. I can tell you that I happily closed the door so that I could pee in private.

Following our interlude at the bar and my traumatic toilet break we returned to the wedding celebration for the dancing. As I noted earlier, my companions enjoy music as much…if not more than I do so we had been driving around all day with great music. Pulling up to the Bride’s home Lawrence’s MP3 began playing a song that seemed to send all of the male inhabitants of the vehicle into fits of soleful and dramatic singing along. No sooner than the car halted then they all spilled out and began singing and dancing to the song.

For once I sat firmly ensconced in the back seat laughing….you see the scene was very similar to one that I had participated in just a couple of weeks ago. When the outside dance party that I was attending with my friends Erin and Sheila got hit by rain, we only made it as far as Erin’s car where we then promptly danced to her stereo for about twenty minutes in the pouring rain. It seems that this behavior is not restricted to foolish women. My companions noted that I hadn’t joined them and there was no choice but to come out and join the insanity.

Richard teaching me dance moves!
Richard teaching me dance moves!

The rest of the evening was spent in singing and dancing until everyone piled back into Lawrence’s car so he could safely return me to Peter’s Place and the relative quiet of my apartment. After two nights out dancing I was finally ready to go home and chill out! But only after plans were made for a return trip to Mochudi!

POST SCRIPT:  Please note that it was a guy taking the pictures so that is why I do not have one really good one of the bride! Oh well, Lawrence did takes lots of great pictures of one particular bridesmaid 😉

I wonder who is his favorite?
I wonder who is his favorite?

The Handsome Birthday Boy!

Last Saturday because I am hanging out in Africa, I missed a big family celebration but thanks to my cousin Miriam and Philip, I now have some fantastic pictures to share.

The big event was my Uncle Rollin (Roll as he is affectionately known by all) turned 90 years old on March 11th. His birthday is just three days before mine.

The Handsome Birthday Boy!
The Handsome Birthday Boy!

The celebration took place at the residence where Uncle Roll is now living and where he is no doubt charming all of the women surrounding him. In the picture above you can see my cousin David – who should take his hands off his hips and stop bossing everyone around! And my Aunt Mary, who is only slightly younger than Uncle Roll and took care of him up until about a year ago at home. I guess you could say that I got some good genes happening!

Aunt Louise, Uncle Roll and Edith Crabbe
Aunt Louise, Uncle Roll and Edith Crabbe


As you can see, Uncle Roll really was holding court. As a life long bachelor he was never slow at charming the women! And if I had of been there to help celebrate I would have been placing a smacking big kiss on him to let him know how much I truly love him! But I think he knows that anyways and he did get a special birthday card from me.

Uncle Roll, just you wait until I get home because we will have another party for your enjoyment! Happy Birthday! Love Cheryl




The competition continues!

Well it seems that my two of my favorite men in Botswana are still determined to one up each other and be crowned as #1 in my life.

Last Saturday I spent a wonderful day and evening in Mochudi with Lawrence who is now renting a house there. I have an update all ready to go but I am still waiting for Lawrence to send me the pictures to include with it – hint, hint!! It was such a great day and even included my attending a traditional wedding celebration – that is why I want to pictures to include with the post so I am not putting it up until I have them.

Buche, of course knows how much fun I had and what a wonderful day it was. So he is determined not to be outdone by Lawrence so he and his family have invited me for dinner this coming Saturday night. I just hope that Princess isn’t supplying the main meal. Apparently her ability to hunt and kill birds is growing by the day according to Buche. I will take my own camera so that I can get a picture of the little Princess in all of her glory (the cat, not me!) so you can see how much she has grown.

I have to admit that I find this very male competition between the two hilarious! It appears that each one is prepared to racket up the activities so not to be left behind. Buche appears far more confident that he is maintaining the number #1 spot over Lawrence. In fact, he is rather cocky about it 😉 Perhaps it is because he is more mature in years than Lawrence and he adopted Princess. Lawrence on the other hand melts my heart as he makes a fantastic baby brother for me. Oh, and he lets me beat him up in public places like grocery stores and still is seen in public with me.

If I can let you in on a secret, it would be that each of them holds a very special place in my life and nobody is capable of breaking the bond I have with either of them. So I will continue to enjoy the competition until it is time to come home to Canada. Maybe you better start taking bets on which one of them actually comes with me 🙂