I have not seen Princess since Buche kidnapped me on my birthday and took me to his house to visit with his family and princess. She was not impressed that she had to come inside and sit on Mma Buche’s lap. She would have much rather been out on the hunt for prey. Apparently her hunting skills are growing just as she is. As she matures into a grown cat her ability to keep the Buche yard void of unwanted creatures is also expanding.

Evidence of this became apparent to the Buche family on Sunday. Princess has a very large tree that she climbs to exit and return to the yard, which apparently she accesses every night in order to stay out until 3:30 am not unlike her namesake, except I only do that on weekends.

Early Sunday morning she returned proudly to the yard carrying her latest acquisition. She had caught a very plump dove and was eager to show it off to the family. In order to do so, she had to pass by Buche’s two large dogs that are on leads just off of the front step. One dog is quite elderly, the other is young and active when he is off leash. Plumpy, the younger dog was frequently a play mate of Princess when she first came home with Buche. So as Princess hauled her fat snack onto the front step (she is still a fairly tiny cat) and started to devour it, Plumpy decided that he was in the mood for dove as well. A quick dash and steal took place leaving Princess doveless. Of course, Plumpy very quickly downed his prize while Princess began to cry and carry on quite dramatically.

Ah, but she is independent and determined so off she went again to hunt after being thoroughly commiserated with by the family. She quickly returned with another victim firmly in jaw. This time she was smart enough to circumvent Plumpy and entered the house with her Easter dinner with wings still flapping. As she settled down onto the living room floor to finish her kill and feast the second dove somehow found the life force to get away and fly out the open living room window. Miss Princess again was upset of course! She got lots of sympathy and affection – and to my knowledge, nobody chastised her for bringing the bird inside.

So all of her attempts to have a fat plump dove for Easter dinner were thwarted. Poor Princess! Apparently she no longer brings her birds home to eat! Proving that she is at least a kitty who learns from misadventures. 

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