Last Saturday because I am hanging out in Africa, I missed a big family celebration but thanks to my cousin Miriam and Philip, I now have some fantastic pictures to share.

The big event was my Uncle Rollin (Roll as he is affectionately known by all) turned 90 years old on March 11th. His birthday is just three days before mine.

The Handsome Birthday Boy!
The Handsome Birthday Boy!

The celebration took place at the residence where Uncle Roll is now living and where he is no doubt charming all of the women surrounding him. In the picture above you can see my cousin David – who should take his hands off his hips and stop bossing everyone around! And my Aunt Mary, who is only slightly younger than Uncle Roll and took care of him up until about a year ago at home. I guess you could say that I got some good genes happening!

Aunt Louise, Uncle Roll and Edith Crabbe
Aunt Louise, Uncle Roll and Edith Crabbe


As you can see, Uncle Roll really was holding court. As a life long bachelor he was never slow at charming the women! And if I had of been there to help celebrate I would have been placing a smacking big kiss on him to let him know how much I truly love him! But I think he knows that anyways and he did get a special birthday card from me.

Uncle Roll, just you wait until I get home because we will have another party for your enjoyment! Happy Birthday! Love Cheryl




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