Last night I had a lovely evening with the Buche family and Princess. As I had noted early in the week, Buche needed to re-establish his supremacy over Lawrence given the fantastic time that I had in Mochudi last weekend. So Monday brought the invitation to spend Saturday evening with the Buches’.

The Saint Buche is rather comical and a very typical man! Not only does he take his competition with Lawrence seriously, he is such a man!

Thursday he was battling a cold and sounding miserable. I felt very sorry for him  but was secretly happy that at least this cold could not be blamed on me. Friday he wasn’t feeling any better but by the time he picked me up last night there was a marked improvement in both how he looked and sounded.

What was seriously hilarious last night was when I got into the car I noted that he looked and sounded so much better. Unlike most men who when they get a cold (man cold as we women refer to it 😉 they feel sorry for themselves and seek lots of sympathy – he is stubbornly adhering to the belief that he wasn’t sick!

Wow, some people think that I am just about the most stubborn person that they have ever met, World meet Buche! I think that I have finally found someone who is equally stubborn to me who is not a member of my family. And even though I promised my mother weeks ago that I would stop tormenting the poor man, I can happily declare that last night I was able to not only resume the torment but was joined in the fun by his wife and daughter 🙂 We all teased him about his refusal to admit that he truly was sick along with a few other topics that I won’t publicize.

Upon my arrival in at the Buche home I was eagerly greeted by the family including the two dogs, Plumpy and Mickey who now love seeing me because I pay lots of attention to them. Absent was Miss Princess, who made her surprise entrance just as I was getting ready to enter the house.

Do I really want to come home now?
Do I really want to come home now?


Grand Entrance!
Grand Entrance!


Since the Princess decided to come home and hang out with us mere humans for at least part of the evening we considered ourselves privileged. I was also thankful that she hadn’t brought her own supper home to eat as apparently she is hauling birds home to crunch on in record numbers and no, Plumpy the dog is not getting a chance to steal and eat them anymore.

Once our incredibly delicious supper was finished and we women were settling in to tease the head of the household and the only male present, Miss Princess decided it was nap time and settled in to her spot for a leisurely nap.

Nap time
Nap time


Quiet please! Princess needs her sleep
Quiet please! Princess needs her sleep

So while this Saturday was much calmer and quieter than last Saturday night it was equally enjoyable! I am truly blessed to have made such wonderful friends here in Gaborone. And it feels wonderful to be welcomed into a friend’s home and feel just like one of the family! That is one of the greatest gifts that I will have gotten here in Africa.

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