I know that I wax on poetically about living in Botswana, most specifically at Peter’s Place. It is truly home to me and more than a little bit like heaven.

One of the things that I love most about living here, besides the pool and built in parade of animals through my apartment, is how my bed is made every week day. Now let me be crystal clear, it is not the fact that my bed is made for me, although that is very nice. It is how it is made!

I am a firm believer that everyone in the World has special talents and gifts. To date, I still haven’t figured out what mine are but that is the topic of a whole other blog. We all go through life doing things that we have to. Sometimes well. Other times not so well. For me, the happy gypsy, it might surprise you to know that I have just a little bit of anal obsessive compulsiveness in me. Shocking I know! But those who have worked with me will happily attest.

All of my life, Mom please do not dispute this!

Okay, since I was a teenager, I have always made my bed every day. You see, my bed has always been a sanctuary or haven for me. I may not be a great sleeper but I excel at curling up in bed to read, think, listen to music, or simply just be. I love mounds of pillows, super soft blankets and lots of room to wiggle around in.

While my bed here in Bird Cottage at Peter’s Place is only a three quarter size bed it is still my haven (along with Gabby and occasionally Cleo, the cats). I love my Sunday mornings when I get to lounge around in bed, wide awake but lazy, often with a book in hand. My laptop is never that far from hand either if for no other reason than to be playing music on iTunes. I have also composed a number of my blog posting while snugly nestled in this bed.

My Goldilock Bed
My Goldilocks Bed

What makes my bed  here so special is simple. It is the amazing, brilliant talent of Tanyala. The beautiful wonderful housekeeper here at Peter’s Place. She happily posed for me and I promised to take another picture of her when she is dressed for something other than work. Although I think she has the most stylish of uniforms. I am even a little envious of it.

The beautiful Tanyala
The beautiful Tanyala


While this woman has many talents that far surpass mine, she deserves international awards for making the absolute most perfect bed that I have ever had the pleasure or privilege to sleep in. As you can see from the picture above there is nary a wrinkle or crease in it until Gabby or I sit on it. The pillows are fluffed and just waiting to be sunk into. It is truly a welcoming haven.

There is nothing better at the end of a long stressful day then pulling back the blankets and crawling inside of the most perfectly made bed ever. A testament to this is that as someone, who until I moved here could not even contemplate sleeping if there was any kind of bug in the room, can now happily throw back the covers after spying at least six unidentifiable bugs present and accounted for and still crawl in and sleep! That is magic!

I can not even comprehend how she achieves the magic that she does. I have watched her make my bed so that I too can re-create the magic to no avail. She truly has a touch that is not achievable by a mere mortal like me. While my bed is made just fine by me on Saturdays and Sunday, I look forward to Monday nights because that is the day when I get both clean sheets and  Tanyala back working her magic on my bed. I could always tell those Mondays when our laundress made the bed up instead of Tanyala. While it was perfectly acceptable, it was not magical. It did not have the power to make everything feel better. It was simply a bed well made. Not the magical bed capable of transporting you to happier better place. I now know exactly how Goldilocks felt.

I may become a permanent resident at Peter’s Place simply because I can’t imagine not sleeping in my Goldilocks bed – it is just so perfectly made for me by Tanyala.

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