Thanks to my evil friend, Gillian King, I just finished an interview with CBC Mainstreet’s Host Karen Mair.

This is for the Mainstreet on the Map feature which connects with Islanders living elsewhere around the world. I guess that I sort of qualify, don’t I? There is a huge difference between Botswana and Rustico, Prince Edward Island seeing as how it took me 48 hours of travelling to make the trip last September.

So for those of you on PEI who miss my grating voice, you will be able to listen to it this afternoon at 5:20 or so. Karen is also graciously linking my blog to the Mainstreet website. I am only sorry that I could not entice either Lawrence or Buche to join me on the call! Now that would have been fun!

As for Gillian, when I return to PEI she will get her payback I assure you.

Seriously, it always amazes me when I hear that people are enjoying my blog so much. It really was just a means to keep family and friends up to date on my adventures without having to email details multiple times. Yet, I now have this amazing following from around the World. Thank you to everyone for reading and occasionally making comments…or even passing it on to radio hosts!

I promise to keep the posts coming with more regularity in the coming days as there are always lots of adventures to share!

3 thoughts on “Hello PEI!

  1. Hi Miss Cheryl. Good for you! Nice to be on the radio. Hope you are well. Your grating voice is missed, make no mistake.

  2. Hi Cheryl! Missed you on the radio but heard you were going to be on! I am sure you did a great job . Keep the faith Gurl! Travel safe . Love your blog !

  3. Luc and I listened to you on the radio. Just before the interview aired I had bumped into Madeline at the pharmacy desk in Shoppers on University where Luc was checking his blood pressure – lol – he is 8 years old. Madeline, in Madeline fashion, told me to hurry up and get to my radio quickly because Cheryl was on in 5 minutes. So we did and we listened in the car drinking ginger ale. Good interview!

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