Last night I was a naughty girl!

Well, another successful night of dancing!

Last night was the outdoor concert at Botswanacraft featuring the band, Freshly Ground and let me tell you that they certainly didn’t disappoint. Their music is fantastic and their stage presence including fantastic dancing kept everyone dancing and bopping to the beat throughout their show. The lead singer is an incredible little firecracker who never stops moving and singing the whole time she is performing. It is definitely a band to see live. They are far more dynamic in person than in their music videos.

I now have a new favourite song. In fact, I am in total admiration. Anyone who can combine the words “pot belly”, “fat thighs”, “flabby arms” and good loving deserves to be praised. This song is called the “Pot Belly” song and you can watch the video at

Perhaps that is why I love this continent so much. Here having a large bum and thighs is considered a good thing. And last night I fit right in my skin tight jeans dancing around the dance floor.

The only disappointment of the evening was that it was a relatively early night for me. Usually these concerts do not end until at least 1:30 am but Freshly Ground finished their set by midnight – no doubt because the lead singer is at least six months pregnant. Following the live music there is always dance music played while the crowds clear out and the techs strip the stage.

So this where the naughty part comes in. I had called Tshepo for my pick up knowing that it would take him close to half an hour or more to come from where ever he was. This because Botswanacraft is in an industrial area north of the city centre. Of course, while I was waiting for him, I had to continue to dance with my friends. I did, however, keep my phone in hand so I could see when he texted me that he had arrived. He always does when he is about 2 or 3 minutes away so I know he is there. However last night he didn’t as I suspected he didn’t realize that I would still be dancing rather than waiting out front for him. So after participating in a flash mob style dance and just generally having a great time my phone rings!

It was Tshepo! Ooops! He was waiting out front wondering where I was. Feeling like a very naughty school child I bid good night to my friends reluctantly and headed out to the car. I have to admit that Tshepo didn’t growl at me at all for keeping him waiting. In fact he was laughing at me because of course I just had to get that one last dance in. On the way home he and I were even making plans for him to drive me and some friends out dancing again next Friday in Phakalane.

So all in all a great night! I was home 1 pm so I am fresh as a daisy this morning eager for today’s adventures in Mochudi. Speaking of which it is time to head out again. My life is certainly never boring these days!


Princess had a bad Easter!

I have not seen Princess since Buche kidnapped me on my birthday and took me to his house to visit with his family and princess. She was not impressed that she had to come inside and sit on Mma Buche’s lap. She would have much rather been out on the hunt for prey. Apparently her hunting skills are growing just as she is. As she matures into a grown cat her ability to keep the Buche yard void of unwanted creatures is also expanding.

Evidence of this became apparent to the Buche family on Sunday. Princess has a very large tree that she climbs to exit and return to the yard, which apparently she accesses every night in order to stay out until 3:30 am not unlike her namesake, except I only do that on weekends.

Early Sunday morning she returned proudly to the yard carrying her latest acquisition. She had caught a very plump dove and was eager to show it off to the family. In order to do so, she had to pass by Buche’s two large dogs that are on leads just off of the front step. One dog is quite elderly, the other is young and active when he is off leash. Plumpy, the younger dog was frequently a play mate of Princess when she first came home with Buche. So as Princess hauled her fat snack onto the front step (she is still a fairly tiny cat) and started to devour it, Plumpy decided that he was in the mood for dove as well. A quick dash and steal took place leaving Princess doveless. Of course, Plumpy very quickly downed his prize while Princess began to cry and carry on quite dramatically.

Ah, but she is independent and determined so off she went again to hunt after being thoroughly commiserated with by the family. She quickly returned with another victim firmly in jaw. This time she was smart enough to circumvent Plumpy and entered the house with her Easter dinner with wings still flapping. As she settled down onto the living room floor to finish her kill and feast the second dove somehow found the life force to get away and fly out the open living room window. Miss Princess again was upset of course! She got lots of sympathy and affection – and to my knowledge, nobody chastised her for bringing the bird inside.

So all of her attempts to have a fat plump dove for Easter dinner were thwarted. Poor Princess! Apparently she no longer brings her birds home to eat! Proving that she is at least a kitty who learns from misadventures. 

A backyard in South Africa

This stunning photograph was taken by Jetske in South Africa this weekend at the home where she was visiting. I thought that you might enjoy it as well:


You can't see me, can you?
You can’t see me, can you?

The power of girls

I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the World for many different reasons but today I only want to focus on one!  The amazing women in my life!

I am not sure how I am so blessed in the girlfriend department. In fact most of my life I have had far more male friends than female. I guess that was a factor of being first a tomboy and then working in the political/legislative realm for so long. Yet today I have a plethora of female friends around the world who are truly amazing and make a huge difference in my life.

This my tribute to my “Sistas” here in Africa. Thanks to many of them although some deserted me and went out of town 😦  I had an absolutely fantastic long weekend, one in which I was really too busy to even write a blog or two 🙂

I have to be careful how I do this as I don’t want to offend any of them as they all hold equal affection in my heart!

Jetske, the esteemed Counsel may have ventured to South Africa for the Easter weekend for a well-deserved break with Peter but she left me with an apartment full of animals to keep my company. The whole lot which occupied my bedroom or kitchen at various times of the weekend. And whenever I dare depart the yard were all waiting faithfully by the gate for my return. In fact, upon my return home Saturday night my late night driver Tshepo, who always pulls into the yard to let me out and watches to ensure I make it to my apartment safely was astonished by the welcoming committee. Normally Dottie, the dog and Gabby, the cat are comfortably asleep when I wander home late on the weekend. Only my night owl/pussy, Cleopatra is usually waiting for my return. Saturday night I had a full greek chorus upon my return.

Without my pool buddy, Jetske I had to find other poolside buddies to hang out with. The weekend started off with poolside time with my friend Erin and a make-shift bikini! Followed by pool time on Saturday with my friends Naki and Moira.  Poor Buche had the misfortune on Saturday of visiting me on my terrace when my girlfriends arrived. I truly felt sorry for the poor man being caught in a gaggle of women. Although with Naki’s arrival he was able to check out the truck in which I have now begun to travel around in the back of through Gaborone. His assessment of both Naki and the truck was that he was satisfied that I was in good hands 🙂

Saturday night was dinner and fun with my friend Agatha and her teenage daughter. Buche dropped me of for my dinner date and Tshepo was ecstatic to get my call for late night pick up. He thought that I had abandoned him this weekend so was happy to come speeding to my pick up.

Sunday was some more time hanging out with girlfriends and drinking tea with Tanyala on the back stoep before she & I  attempted to clean up my apartment so it didn’t visibly look like the cat lady had officially taken up residence.

Monday wrapped up with a visit with and dinner out with my friend Nono. Thanks to her nagging about my jeans being two sizes too big for me I had gone to the Levi store last week and bought a pair of kick-ass jeans! I couldn’t wait to show them off to her and now I know that I am officially ready for Friday night’s big event of dancing at Botswanacraft to the sounds of Freshly Ground. Nono has assured me that I am likely to have a dearth of male attention wearing my sexy new jeans!

While I truly miss my many girlfriends back in Canada, I am incredibly blessed with the new girlfriends that have come into my life since arriving in Gaborone. Jetske, Erin, Sheila, Nono, Naki, Agatha, Moira….the list is really too long to complete and I am afraid to leave someone out. Thank you to each and everyone of you! You  have made Gaborone very special for me including teaching me a new way to celebrate Halloween, dancing in the rain in a parking lot, riding around in the back of the “Bucket”, grilling want to be suitors and most importantly, laughing with me almost each and every day! And I have plans for even more fun, just you wait 🙂