Teenagers on the Moreson Ranch
Teenage White Lion cubs on the Moreson Ranch in South Africa

Jetske sent this picture to me this morning just to make me insanely jealous. Quite frankly, I just want to be rolling around playing with them and having a good old snuggle with one in my lap 🙂

Jetske is currently in South Africa visiting with her family. While there she stays with her sister and her husband who own and run the Moreson Ranch http://www.moresonranch.co.za/. This spectacular ranch offers lots of activities including a Lion Camp, where you can get up close to lion cubs.

You can bet that there is no way possible that I am ever going to leave Sub-Sahara Africa without cuddling a lion, even if it is a baby!

Buche and Lawrence, I don’t care how dangerous you think it is….I am doing it one way or another!

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