Well, it is official , I can now retire my dance shoes after tonight as I have received my first ever, and I am confident only, prize for dancing!

Personally, I think that it was a pity prize but I definitely took it 🙂

To explain, it all happened at the DJ Battle taking place at Alliance Francaise. A total of 15 DJs had 15 minutes each to spin their tunes. You voted for the DJs that you liked by dancing. I even did a check in with one of the judges to see is just booty shaking qualified as a vote and was told a resounding ‘Yes’.

Well, you do the math…I danced and /or shook my booty for 3 1/2 hours straight. At one point it was just me shaking my booty with three guys…not bad for an old white chick 🙂

Although I knew that there were prizes be given out to the top three dancers it never occurred to me that I would be one! I had music, an out door dance floor and flat shoes on. I was a happy camper.

Imagine my surprise when I received my prize, a CD of African music. While there were much better dancers there than me. I mean much better, apparently I scored high simply because once I started dancing I simply didn’t stop and everyone could tell how much I was enjoying it.

So I came home a winner in more ways than one with I might add my shoes actually on my feet this weekend. I may never get another prize for dancing but that certainly doesn’t mean that I am going to stop now. I am just happy to know that I can be on the dance floor with the amazing dancers who actually have rhythm and can really shake their booty.  Life is good!



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