It has been tough to write up my blogs due to power outages, intermittent internet connections and too much work – okay, and the occasional poolside afternoon nap.

So to hold you over until I get my next post written here is an adorable picture of Lawrence, his nephew fondly known as Tim or Mr. T and his always adorable niece Tina. Tina is rarely called anything but Dolly because she is so tiny and adorable like a doll. In fact, when I first met her Friday night on her arrival, I told her how beautiful she was and she absolutely preened. At 14 months you can tell that she is going to be big trouble when she is a teenager. And I made sure to tell her father that on many occasions. Given the fact that she is totally spoiled by everyone, now including me, she will surely be a diva. Boys and daddy beware!

By the way, I spent the entire weekend trying to convince family members that I wanted my hair done exactly like Dolly’s. Nobody is convinced other than me that it would be worth a try. What do you think?


Lawrence, Dolly and Mr. T
Lawrence, Dolly and Mr. T



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