It would seem that my desire to seek adventure ensures that adventures find me.

There is no doubt that my blog’s name “Cheryl’s African Adventure” is rather apt. My adventure filled trip to Zimbabwe started before I had even left Peter’s Place yard last Thursday.

I have never been one to pack to far in advance of travelling, so poor Tanyala was panicking when I hadn’t  done it by 10:30 as I was to finish some work up before Lawrence was to pick me up at 1 pm. So with her very capable assistance I accomplished the packing in record time. And she proved to be right on every choice of clothing that she selected, even my winter coat which I wore twice.  She also had to rescue me when I  as getting dressed to leave.

In my frantic haste at the last minute to be ready for pick up, I hauled on my fitted denim skirt and zipped it way too quickly. In my haste the zipper caught in the underneath fabric and wouldn’t zip past 3/4 of the way up. Because it is a fitted waist skirt that was partly zipped and stuck, I couldn’t get it either down over my hips or up over my bust thanks to my curves.

In a state of panic because I couldn’t fix it or get out of it, I raced to the main house seeking assistance from Tanyala and Sadie.

After much heated debate in Kalanga between the two which I am sure included comments about the crazy Canadian; repeated attempts to make the zipper budge and then attempts to get the skirt removed over my bust, I was still stuck solid in a half zippered skirt. Not suitable attire for border crossings.

Having lost all patience I rushed back to my apartment, grabbed the scissors and snipped the material caught on the inside flap of the zipper. Whew! that was a lot of effort just to get dressed. Once properly dressed with a working zipper we hit the road. I should have changed outfits but more on that later…..

It makes me so happy to driving around with Lawrence. And let me tell you that his lovely Mercedes is a dream to travel in. So with music playing, me dancing in my seat and people staring – we were off.

Because we were several hours later leaving than first planned because of work commitments, not skirt issues, Lawrence ended up doing all of  the driving to the Botswana/Zimbabwe border as the Bots border closes promptly at 10 pm. We managed the trip in excellent time with absolutely no stops (not even a toilet break – more on that to come) along the way finally departing Gabs at a little before 4 pm and arriving at the border post at 8:30 with time to spare.

Our border stop deserves a post all of its own……

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